Swimming Pool Deck Resurfacing

Phoenix Concrete PatioYou are most likely considering resurfacing your pool deck for one of the following reasons:

  • To refresh the look and style of your existing pool deck.
  • To repair a well worn pool deck.
  • You have moved into a new home and would like to refresh and customize the existing pool deck you have inherited.
  • You would like to add value to your home.

There a number of material options for resurfacing a deck including but not limited to:

  1. Designer Concrete
  2. Travertine Pavers
  3. Marbella Pavers
  4. Cool Deck
  5. Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings are often a popular choice for resurfacing a pool deck. The process is cost-effective and there are a lot of options for customizing, including a wide range of color choices, and a variety of finishes available. Also once complete, these resurfaced pool decks are easy to maintain and are extremely durable. Some examples of finished options for a pool deck that is resurfaced with a concrete coating are:

  • Acrylic lace
  • Acrylic tile
  • Acrylic flagstone
  • Stamped concrete
  • Stained surface
  • Slip-resistant surfacing

It is possible to get creative with your concrete resurfacing, and is a great opportunity to create a pool deck that matches your personal style and compliments the architecture of your home and landscaping.

Our team at Imagine can support you with your resurfacing project from beginning to end. At the beginning, our design team has extensive experience supporting clients to select the perfect material and design for your needs, and all within your budget. Our team of expert, licensed, and bonded pool deck resurfacers will focus on preparing your existing pool deck to ensure a successful resurfacing.

On any pool deck resurfacing project it is key to assess the condition of the existing pool deck.  The team will specifically be assessing the overall condition, looking for small and large cracks, pitting, sunken areas, evenness of the original pour, as well as other factors that may affect the resurfacing process. After assessing the condition of the existing pool deck, we will assess the availability of successful drainage away from your pool deck and away from your home. This is key to a pool deck surface that will be long lasting and easy to maintain. With this level of preparation and attention to detail, you can be assured that the end result will be beyond your expectations.

Having completed over 21,000 jobs, and counting, we would love to work with you to determine the best solutions for resurfacing your pool deck. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your upcoming pool deck resurfacing project.