Acrylic lace pool decks are the most popular type of pool deck in Arizona. Loved for being a long-lasting swimming pool deck surface, easy to clean & maintain, affordable pool decking, and most importantly during our hot summers, acrylic lace pool decking is a cool pool deck surface. This pool deck surface is best for homes with families and commercial properties because it wears hard, is a non-slip surface, and can easily be repaired if needed.

The team at Imagine Architectural are the experts at installing acrylic lace pool decking in Arizona. We install or remodel hundreds of cool deck acrylic lace deck surfaces every year and are the leaders in installing acrylic lace at commercial properties throughout the Phoenix metropolitan valley. Not only does Imagine have the most experience in installing acrylic pool decks, we are trusted by all the major pool builder in Phoenix for our excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship.