What is Acrylic Lace Pool Decking?

Acrylic Lace Pool DeckOver the past 16 years we have had the privilege of working on a large number of projects (21,000 and counting!), making our client’s dreams a reality. Every project is different, giving us the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials. Projects include residential and commercial pool decks, patio areas, and creating the ultimate outdoor living spaces. One pool deck material that we particularly love working with is acrylic lace pool decking.

Acrylic lace is widely used as a decorative coating for pool deck areas. Our team has years of experience and are experts at going through all the steps to ensure extremely high quality & durable installation, using premium grade products. One step that we never miss out is preparation. Preparing the original surface is key to ensure a quality finish that will be durable and exceed the client’s expectations.

Here is our “Best of” Acrylic Lace Pool Decks:

A Cost-Effective Choice – Material and installation costs are lower than for other materials. Also, ongoing maintenance is very inexpensive for the homeowner. This acrylic decking will last a long time, giving years and years of durability.
A Clean LookAcrylic lace decking goes with everything! The clean look and a variety of colors mean that this pool deck will look great with every style of home. An added bonus, the color of acrylic decking can easily be changed in the future to create a completely new look!
Easy to Maintain – So long as the homeowner takes regular care of the surface, hosing down and fixing any small cracks that appear, an acrylic lace pool deck will last for many years. The surface is durable enough to sustain power washing so cleaning is quick and easy!
Saltwater Friendly – Saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular so it is important to note that an acrylic lace finish will not degrade around a saltwater pool. The surface is much more durable for saltwater than some of the other options such as natural stone.
Cool SurfaceAcrylic lace pool decks remain a lot cooler than other surfaces. An acrylic lace pool deck will make pool use a lot more comfortable during those summer months but remember always protect your feet during the hottest months. When it’s over 110+ degrees no surface is cool enough!
Upgraded Surface – What we know as acrylic lace today used to be known as “kool deck” or “cool deck”. The surface we lay down is an upgraded hybrid pool deck surface that lasts longer and is easier to update than those old surfaces. Not to mention, it does not include asbestos-like those old surfaces did.
Wide Range of Colors – We have a large color selection for our acrylic surfaces, so you don’t have to go with the standard beige color if that doesn’t fit with your home décor or dream backyard.

Overall, an acrylic lace pool deck is the most affordable, the easiest to maintain, and one of the coolest surfaces you can choose for your backyard pool deck and patio. We would love to talk to you and hear about your dream backyard!