Project Spotlight: Backyard Patio Remodel in Tempe

Phoenix Concrete PatioThis was a really fun 1,100 square foot backyard patio remodel, creating a very contemporary look for our clients in Tempe, Arizona. Our team of licensed and bonded pool deck and patio experts worked on the majority of the backyard area, creating a show-stopping acrylic stamp patio that will live on for many years to come, providing comfort and joy to all who live there.

A large area of this patio is covered, and the patio reaches right to the walls of the home. On a project like this, it is essential that our team takes the time and has the expertise to ensure the area is well prepared and any potential drainage areas are addressed, prior to remodeling the patio. Often a patio that is being remodeled may be many years old, there may be areas of damage, and uneven surfaces. Therefore it is important to fix any big cracks or damage, and to level the area so it is well prepared for the patio remodel.

Why remodel a patio?

Often when we move into a new home it can be a perfect opportunity to ensure your patio meets the unique needs of your family, or perhaps you have enjoyed your old patio for years but now you are ready for a change and would like an upgrade. Whatever the circumstances for a remodel please ensure that you hire the experts who can answer all your design questions and provide you with a finished product that is expertly executed and will last you for many many years.

Consider the flow of your patio area

This Tempe covered patio remodel is a great example of flow. The patio leads people from the house, to the entertaining area, and out to the rest of the backyard living area. When you are designing your patio remodel, use it as an opportunity to consider the flow of your backyard. Perhaps you might consider adding stairs, or a new entertaining or dining area for family and friends. Also, consider if this is a covered patio remodel, and how that might affect your flow, directly from inside your home to your outdoor area.

What material would you choose?

Once you have the layout and flow figured out, the next decision is the patio remodel material. For this project our clients selected decorative acrylic stamp. We love the end result! The color perfectly complements the aesthetic of the client’s home and the style of their relaxing and entertaining areas. The decorative design of the concrete brings character, and the acrylic stamp itself creates a classic look that will always be in style. We suggest you consider any practical requirements when choosing your material and your desired aesthetics – the rest will take care of itself!

Are you looking to remodel your backyard in Tempe? Our team has been remodeling residential backyards in the east valley for over 20 years. We have extensive design experience and can create your dream backyard living space. Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project and schedule a free consultation.