Project Spotlight: Phoenix Broom Finish Concrete

Broom Finish ConcreteThis was a really enjoyable project for our team. It was an opportunity to create a modern classic concrete look for a patio remodel here in Phoenix, Arizona. The backyard already had many great features, including tall white washed brick walls, and an interesting layout. Our team worked specifically on pouring a natural broom finish concrete patio and step pads throughout the backyard area, creating an extremely stylish and functional outdoor living space.

Our client’s selected concrete as the perfect material for creating their desired look, to complement the backyard and architecture of their home. There are lots of different options for finishing concrete, and in this case the client chose a broom finish.

So why choose broom finished concrete?

Broom finished concrete is exactly what it sounds like. A broom is used to brush over poured concrete to create a special decorative brushed effect. It is a simple technique that creates a really modern finish that looks amazing and is very durable. On a practical level the broom finish makes the concrete less slippery, making it a great choice for pool decks and patios. It is a decorative finish for concrete that is both versatile and artistic. And even though it is a simple technique there is a lot of opportunity to get creative with different shapes and patterns, or you can choose to go for a simple classic broom finish. The end result is both durable and unique.

On this particular project the finished concrete patio is perfect for entertaining, with durable and long-lasting concrete, with lots of space for outdoor seating. The poured concrete pavers act like stepping stones, leading the eye down into other sections of the back yard while acting as a
walkway. Together, the patio and the concrete broom finished pavers create a unique design feature for this Phoenix backyard. The owners paired the modern, clean lines of the concrete with fresh green turf to further the design and create their dream backyard.

Are you looking to upgrade the design of your backyard and are considering broom finished concrete? Give us a call to discuss your design ideas and find out how Imagine Architectural Concrete can create the backyard of your dreams.