What is Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Good question! At Imagine we often hear from potential clients that they would like more information on pool deck resurfacing, and whether or not it is something they can consider for their own pool deck. With many decades of experience in this area our team can provide all the answers!

First things first, why would someone want to resurface their pool deck? Well, some of the most common reasons for resurfacing an existing pool deck are: bored of the existing look, ready to update the look, would like to change the pool deck but with minimal disruption, would like to change the color of the existing pool deck, would like to create the look of natural stone without the added cost, or there is a damaged and cracked pool deck that needs replaced on a limited budget.

Ultimately, resurfacing is an easy and cost effective way to upgrade and breathe new life into an existing concrete pool deck. Covering the old pool deck with an overlay such as acrylic or a cool deck surfacing is a relatively straightforward process for a skilled team; with minimum disruption to the home and customer. The application of a cool deck or acrylic deck overlay can add color, texture and importantly some much needed slip resistance. If you are looking for a special stylish finish, then acrylic stamped concrete can also be a great option creating a really unique and customized look. Whatever the technique used to resurface your pool deck, there are many practical benefits to be had.

One benefit of resurfacing an older, damaged pool deck is the use of newer techniques and materials which can greatly improve the performance and increase durability of the decking, as well as drastically updating the look. The overlay products used by our team leverage a blend of materials, such as cement, sand, and resins to bond quickly and effectively with the existing concrete pool deck, creating a new and improved surface built to last and easy to maintain.

Even though this process may seem easier than demolishing your existing pool deck and starting from scratch, it is still important to hire a fully licensed and bonded pool decking installation company to do the work. When creating an acrylic stamped concrete pool deck, or applying cool deck, or any type of pool deck remodeling; preparation and experience is absolutely key to success. Our fully trained and highly skilled team will take the time to fully prepare the existing pool deck surface, before expertly applying the resurfacing product, to achieve the exact look and long lasting surface you are aiming for.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your pool deck resurfacing project – we’re always here to answer any questions you may have!