By following these easy instructions you will enjoy the beauty and pleasure of your new acrylic decking for many years to come. If at any time you have any questions please call 480.557.5533 and our friendly staff will be at your service.

  • Walk on or allow pets on the new acrylic decking for at least 48 hours
  • Allow standing water to remain on the surface for any period of time for the first 14 days
  • Place any furniture on the decking for 10 days
  • Allow any landscape materials, such as wheelbarrows, picks, shovels, etc. to be kept on the new acrylic decking. This also includes dirt, debris and tracking mud over deck

  • Acrylic decking is not stain resistant and requires regular maintenance.
  • Use a leaf blower weekly to blow off dirt or debris that may accumulate on deck; occasionally hose off the acrylic surface as needed.
  • High traffic areas may need to be washed with a 3500 psi power washer as needed to remove stubborn stains.
  • Please be sure to set water level at mid-tile level; excessive water in pool may damage decking and void warranty
  • Maintain the decorative acrylic overlay by sealing the stamp material every 2-3 years
  • Regular maintenance of the acrylic deck is necessary for warranty to remain valid

  • Please wait a full 30 days before using any chemicals or scrubbing on new acrylic decking
  • Remove stubborn stains by using a stiff nylon brush & a mild detergent, scrubbing well and hosing off all excess cleaner/materials
  • Calcium Deposits – The whitish stains that appear in areas of standing water, can be thoroughly scrubbed using Limeaway/CLR (available at local grocery store). Allow to sit for 10 minutes, then rinse completely with a high pressure power washer to remove residue.
  • Coffee, Soda, etc. – Use a mild detergent, such as SuperClean, an Imagine Surfaces proprietary cleaner available through Imagine Architectural Concrete, water and a stiff brush. Use the brush to ensure the deep down areas of the texture are not missed
  • Oils/Lotions/Tire Marks/Grease – Use SuperClean, an Imagine Surfaces proprietary cleaner available through Imagine Architectural Concrete/Simple Green/CLR (available at local grocery/hardware store) & high pressure power washer
  • Rust Stains – Use “Wink”, a rust remover, or navel jelly (available at local grocery/hardware store)
  • For Persistent stains – Additional touch up paint is available upon request through our office

  • Existing Concrete – If Imagine Architectural Concrete remodels any existing concrete, all cracks will be treated to the best of our ability. However, existing cracks are not guaranteed to not return and cannot be covered by Imagine Architectural Concrete’s warranty
  • New Concrete – If Imagine Architectural Concrete installed your concrete, we take extra care with our installation and will warranty our work against cracking for a full two years

" Brian is a great rep and solid on follow-up. Meghan is nice too! The crew of Juan, Javier, and Israel did a fantastic job. Nice surface and color – looks like a new pool ! Great warranty and customer service."

Mark P.

" It was hard for me to “Imagine” that I would give an excellent scoring across the board for any contractor but Imagine really earned it! The communication was first class, workmanship was super and hopefully time will tell that materials used were superior."

Robert T.

" Imagine did the original pool deck so expectations were high. The extension was just as great & Brian was fantastic to work with as was the entire group. Imagine is at the top of the pleasant experiences when building our home. Enlarged use area"

David Z.