Cool Deck Repair

Phoenix Concrete Patio
What is cool deck?
A cool deck pool deck surface is an older concrete decking product installed to reduce the temperature of a pool deck during the hot summer months. Generally speaking cool deck is a coating applied over a concrete pool deck to lower the temperature and is perfect for cities and states with hotter temperatures. At Imagine, we install an acrylic deck coating over a concrete pool deck to create a cool deck surface.

What are the benefits of cool deck?

Cool deck actively reduces the temperature of the pool deck. It also increases durability, and with texture can add slip resistance. It can ultimately strengthen the original pool deck and increase its longevity. A concrete pool deck has many advantages, especially in Arizona and other geographical areas that experience hotter temperatures during the summer. The addition of cool deck makes the pool deck a lot more usable, even on those hot mid-summer days.

How to maintain cool deck

One of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure you have cool deck for years to come is to regularly clean your pool deck. You can use gentle soap and water and a hose to achieve this. A pressure washer will also work. It is important when cleaning the cool deck to do a quick check for any wear and tear, any flaking, or other signs that repairs are needed.

Cool Deck Repair

Of course, wear and tear happens over time and a concrete deck that has a cool deck finish will require ongoing maintenance and repairs. As with all pool deck repairs it is important to begin by assessing the extent of the damage. As mentioned above, remember that ongoing maintenance is the best preventative measure. If you are regularly checking your deck for small cracks you will find them early and be able to repair them much easier than if you leave it for a length of time and the cracks grow larger. Also the larger the cracks, the more costly the repair. We always suggest regular checks of your pool deck, then if you find a small amount damage you can most likely repair this yourself. For example a small amount of damage to a cool deck may be fixable using a liquid coating over the original surface. That will involve a number of steps to ensure that the surface is well prepared to ensure a successful repair.

As highly experienced concrete pool deck contractors and experts, our team at Imagine Architectural are available to help customers assess the need for a repair and then advise the best solution. If you have cool deck that needs repair, schedule a free estimate with our team.