Project Spotlight: Phoenix Broom Finish Concrete

Broom Finish ConcreteThis was a really enjoyable project for our team. It was an opportunity to create a modern classic concrete look for a patio remodel here in Phoenix, Arizona. The backyard already had many great features, including tall white washed brick walls, and an interesting layout. Our team worked specifically on pouring a natural broom finish concrete patio and step pads throughout the backyard area, creating an extremely stylish and functional outdoor living space.

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7 Pool Deck Ideas for Summer Lounging

Phoenix Concrete PatioSummer is here and one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by the pool, on the pool deck! So here are some ideas on how you could elevate your summer lounging experience this year.

1. Make Outdoor Eating Easy

Once you are in the pool you don’t want to get out, especially with the Arizona summer temperatures. Creating designated spaces for outdoor eating on your pool deck can help extend those summer days and minimize the need for kids and adults to go in and out of the house.

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Swimming Pool Deck Resurfacing

Phoenix Concrete PatioYou are most likely considering resurfacing your pool deck for one of the following reasons:

  • To refresh the look and style of your existing pool deck.
  • To repair a well worn pool deck.
  • You have moved into a new home and would like to refresh and customize the existing pool deck you have inherited.
  • You would like to add value to your home.

There a number of material options for resurfacing a deck including but not limited to:

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Project Spotlight: Backyard Patio Remodel in Tempe

Phoenix Concrete PatioThis was a really fun 1,100 square foot backyard patio remodel, creating a very contemporary look for our clients in Tempe, Arizona. Our team of licensed and bonded pool deck and patio experts worked on the majority of the backyard area, creating a show-stopping acrylic stamp patio that will live on for many years to come, providing comfort and joy to all who live there.

A large area of this patio is covered, and the patio reaches right to the walls of the home. On a project like this, it is essential that our team takes the time and has the expertise to ensure the area is well prepared and any potential drainage areas are addressed, prior to remodeling the patio. Often a patio that is being remodeled may be many years old, there may be areas of damage, and uneven surfaces. Therefore it is important to fix any big cracks or damage, and to level the area so it is well prepared for the patio remodel.

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Deck Resurfacing

Deck ResurfacingAt Imagine we don’t just create new pool decks and patios, we also specialize in resurfacing existing pool decks, decks and patios. Even with the highest quality installations, wear and tear occurs over time and deck resurfacing becomes necessary. Deck resurfacing can also be a great option if you are looking to spruce up your existing deck, add new design features, or customize the look so it better reflects the style of your home and landscaping.

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Cool Deck Repair

Phoenix Concrete Patio
What is cool deck?A cool deck pool deck surface is an older concrete decking product installed to reduce the temperature of a pool deck during the hot summer months. Generally speaking cool deck is a coating applied over a concrete pool deck to lower the temperature and is perfect for cities and states with hotter temperatures. At Imagine, we install an acrylic deck coating over a concrete pool deck to create a cool deck surface.

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Project Spotlight: Phoenix Concrete Patio

Phoenix Concrete PatioOur team recently worked on a really fun project in Phoenix, Arizona. The project was to install a concrete patio and courtyard area for a number of adjoining properties. We love working with concrete, and this was a great opportunity to create a modern, show-stopping, and cohesive look that really represented the unique, modern look of the properties.

Central to the success of the project was considering what treatment or finish we would use for the concrete. Remember, concrete is never just concrete. There are a multitude of concrete finishes that can be used for patios and pool decks including, but not limited to:

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What pool deck surface is the best?

Stamped Pool Deck Coating in MesaWhen you are considering the best pool deck surface for you and your family it can be helpful to focus on some key decision making factors.

To help, we have compiled a list of some of the most common factors that affect our customers’ decisions when it comes to choosing the best pool deck. Take a look at the list below and pick out your top three priorities, then read on for more information. With information comes knowledge to support you in choosing the right pool deck for you!

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Swimming Pool Deck Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Deck Design IdeasWe love all pool decks! Whether it is a marbella paver pool deck and patio, or a classic modern acrylic lace deck remodel, every installation is completed with high quality craftsmanship and a respect for the details.

Our incredible licensed and bonded Imagine Architectural team recently completed 21,000 jobs, and to celebrate we would love to share with you a wide range of pool styles and the pool decks just in case you are considering a remodel or perhaps a brand new pool deck for your home!

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Can you resurface a concrete pool deck?

Well, can you resurface a concrete pool deck?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. With over twenty years of experience with concrete pool decks we would like to provide you with the long answer, so read on for all the information you need on resurfacing a concrete deck.

First of all, why would you want to resurface a pool deck made of concrete?

Concrete pool decks can become worn down over time, develop small or large cracks, and without regular maintenance they can slowly become in serious need of repair. Continue reading Can you resurface a concrete pool deck?

Travertine Paver Pool Deck

Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

Our team recently worked on remodeling a pool deck in Apache Junction, Arizona. This project, included remodeling an acrylic lace pool deck to create a travertine paver pool deck. The pool deck area was extremely large, for a residential pool deck, surrounding a pool, and stretching across a large area of the client’s backyard, backing up to a gorgeous desert landscape. A small wooden bridge connects the pool deck to a concrete patio adjoining the home.

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Scottsdale Pool Deck Remodel

Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

We would love to share a recent concrete pool deck resurfacing project we completed in Scottsdale. We think this gorgeous project will provide ample inspiration for anyone out there considering their own pool deck remodel.

There are many note-worthy elements of this pool deck remodel, and here are some of our favorites.

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