Travertine Paver Pool Deck

Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

Our team recently worked on remodeling a pool deck in Apache Junction, Arizona. This project, included remodeling an acrylic lace pool deck to create a travertine paver pool deck. The pool deck area was extremely large, for a residential pool deck, surrounding a pool, and stretching across a large area of the client’s backyard, backing up to a gorgeous desert landscape. A small wooden bridge connects the pool deck to a concrete patio adjoining the home.

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Commercial Project: Gilbert Lofts Pool Deck Installation

Gilbert Lofts Pool Deck in Gilbert, AZ

At Imagine Architectural Concrete we have a long history, with over 21,000 jobs completed to the highest standards. Our team includes licensed and bonded experts, with decades of experience working on both residential and commercial projects, throughout Arizona. Recently, we worked on a large commercial pool deck project at the new Gilbert District Lofts, in downtown Gilbert, Arizona.

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Commercial Project: Village Health Club Pool Deck Installation

The Imagine Architectural team works on commercial pool deck projects as well as residential. Commercial projects tend to be larger in scale and are a great opportunity for our team to use a wide variety of installation and maintenance skills, with the goal of delivering the highest quality pool deck finish every time.

When installing or resurfacing a commercial pool deck it is essential to ensure the highest quality of pool deck installation, the perfect concrete pour, and an ongoing maintenance plan to keep the deck looking brand new. Thinking about a commercial maintenance plan from the outset of the project helps to ensure durability and extends the life of the pool deck surface for the client and all their customers.
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Custom Concrete

Custom ConcreteDid you know that concrete is art? With over 18 years of experience creating custom concrete forms and perfect concrete pours for commercial concrete projects and residential concrete projects in Arizona, our concrete specialists are able to work with concrete to create a quality finish.
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History Of Imagine – 21,000 Jobs Completed

Recently, the Imagine Architectural Concrete team celebrated completing 21,000 jobs! Yes, you read that right, 21,000 jobs completed to the highest standards over the past 16 years! Imagine is, and always has been, a family-owned business, dedicated to customer service and the highest quality materials and workmanship. Pete & Kim Eremija lead the team, ensuring consistent quality and high levels of customer service. As a team, we are proud to consistently deliver a level of superior workmanship and design, that exceeds customer expectations time and time again.
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Concrete Planning Tips

At Imagine we not only install pool decks, we also love working with concrete. We work on concrete projects for both our commercial and residential customers. As licensed and experienced contractors we apply a great deal of skill to make sure we get the perfect pour and deliver high quality results!
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Commercial Project: Sun City Recreation Center Pool Deck Remodel

Sun City is a 55+ active adult community located in sunny Arizona. The community began with a vision to create the perfect neighborhood in the southwest designed for relaxed, leisurely living with all the amenities built in. 50 years later the community continues to thrive as a world-class neighborhood for those 55 and over. With eight golf courses and seven recreation centers the community is fully equipped for a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Commercial Project: Resurfacing Carefree Resort Pool Deck

Resurfacing Carefree Resort Pool DeckAt Imagine we are always excited to take on new commercial pool deck projects, and this one at CIVANA Carefree (formerly known as the Carefree Resort) was no exception.

The CIVANA Carefree is a well known destination resort north of the Phoenix valley. Specializing in tranquil vacations, guests can enjoy relaxation and amenities over 23 acres, surrounded by the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Continue reading Commercial Project: Resurfacing Carefree Resort Pool Deck

Commercial Project: AZ Grand Swimming Pool Deck Remodel

Decking a 7 acre water paradise is all in a day’s work for our team
No job is too big for the Imagine team, especially when it comes to commercial pool deck projects. We are honored to be the premier choice amongst contractors in Phoenix when it comes to remodeling pool decks on a large scale.
A commercial pool that we all greatly enjoy working on and are proud to have delivered years of service to is the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. We were greatly honored to be chosen by such a prestigious client and continue to build a phenomenal working relationship with their company and staff team. As the resorts only pool deck preferred vendor, trusted to work on their property, we take our role very seriously and we are delighted to continue to maintain all of their pool decks.
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