7 Pool Deck Ideas for Summer Lounging

Phoenix Concrete PatioSummer is here and one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by the pool, on the pool deck! So here are some ideas on how you could elevate your summer lounging experience this year.

1. Make Outdoor Eating Easy

Once you are in the pool you don’t want to get out, especially with the Arizona summer temperatures. Creating designated spaces for outdoor eating on your pool deck can help extend those summer days and minimize the need for kids and adults to go in and out of the house.

You can set up some tables around the pool deck area, with seating, and space to lay out food, to create opportunities for easy and manageable outdoor eating. If you have an outdoor kitchen area, even better. Consider installing a small fridge to make it even easier to enjoy long days pool side with family and friends.

2. Add a BBQ Area

We love a barbeque, and having one poolside is incredibly convenient and enjoyable. If you haven’t already, why not consider installing a BBQ and kitchen set up outdoors next to your pool deck. That way you can spend time with family and friends while they splash around in the pool and you cook up a delicious lunch. A kitchen set up can include ample counter space, a fridge and cooking area.

3. Add More Shade

We all know that shade is our friend in Arizona. There are many ways you can add shade to your pool deck area. Research today to find a setup that works for your budget and the design of your pool area and outdoor space. You can start by exploring self-standing umbrellas as an affordable option, select the color, design and size that works for you and spend more hours outside by the pool, safe from the sun.

4. Create Family Spaces

One of our favorite things about having a pool and a comfortable usable pool deck is sharing the space with family and friends! So, to encourage everyone in the family to come outside and share the space we suggest creating large seating areas, with lots of chairs, so there is space for everyone to get comfortable. Throw in some umbrellas to create shade, a table or two, and some family friendly features and you are ready to create some new memories. Family features include baskets of towels, floaties for the kids, and smaller chairs that fit them!

5. Keep it Clean

A key to creating a usable pool deck is making it look inviting. Keeping your pool deck clean, removing any debris, washing it down, and clearing away any clutter encourages everyone to come out and play, and increases the lifespan of your deck. When it comes to washing the deck make sure you are using cleaning materials that work with the specific materials of your pool deck.

6. Summer Entertaining Made Easy

Sometimes with the high temperatures of an Arizona summer we can all feel tired and the idea of entertaining seems exhausting. The simple solution is to let the pool and pool deck do all the work, so you don’t have to. Having your pool deck permanently set up for poolside entertaining makes it simple to invite friends and family over for some fun. Consider what you can add to your outdoor entertaining area as permanent or at least summer fixtures to make entertaining as simple as possible. A good place to start is comfortable seating with shade.Then add some umbrellas around the pool for comfort and you are ready to go!

7. Hanging Around

We couldn’t write a post about summer lounging without including hammocks! Whether it is a hanging daybed, outdoor swing, small functional hammock or large intricately decorated hammock, these are all wonderful features to add to your outdoor space to add comfort and create fun spaces for everyone to relax and enjoy the day! Why not install a big comfy hammock poolside this summer!