What are my Pool Deck Coating Options?

As the weather starts to warm up you may be sitting outside checking out your pool deck, and noticing the cracks and damage that need attention. It is natural for any pool deck to display wear and tear over the years. Proper and regular maintenance can minimize this but eventually most pool decks require a little more attention and perhaps a new coating.

There are several pool deck coating options and it makes sense to do your research before deciding which one will work for you, your pool deck, and your budget. To help you out we have compiled below a list of three of the most popular pool deck coating options. Whichever you choose, the Imagine Architectural team brings experience, artisan skills and exceptional customer service to make sure that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Concrete Resurfacing
If your existing pool deck surface is cracked and requires repair, it does not always mean that you need to completely remove and replace. An easier, and often cheaper option is to resurface. Resurfacing with concrete not only fixes general wear, tear and cracking it is also an opportunity to add updated colors and design elements to create a new, more upgraded look for your pool and your backyard. You can choose from a wide variety of pool deck coating colors and pattern options. Concrete pool deck resurfacing is also a great option if you original concrete is in good condition and you just want to give the pool deck a facelift. In that circumstance you can add color with a stain, and create patterns using engraving and stenciling techniques.

Cool Deck / Kool Deck Resurfacing
Cool deck or Kool deck is a fantastic option for pool deck coating installation in Arizona. The material is specifically designed to keep its cool under warm to hot temperatures, making it perfect for Arizona homes. It’s possible to resurface an existing pool deck, and add color and texture with cool decking. You can also choose between a smooth or textured look. Updating your pool deck surface also increases durability, adds slip resistance, and provides added protection against the weather, ultimately adding years on to your pool deck’s life.

Acrylic Stamp Pool Deck
If resurfacing is the right option for your pool deck, then adding texture with our acrylic stamp technique might be an option worth considering. Popular for it’s stylish look, exceptional durability, and easy maintenance; acrylic stamp pool deck coatings add both style and substance to your pool deck surface. The textures created can mimic natural stone and pavers without the expense and added maintenance. Constructed from an acrylic finish, it is extremely durable and lasts longer than natural stone, even with heavy use. It is a long term solution when resurfacing a pool deck. It also does very well in extreme weather and can be cooler in higher temperatures, making it another great resurfacing solution in Arizona.

Are you still trying to figure out which pool deck coating option is best for you? Make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our pool deck coating experts on your upcoming project.