Concrete Planning Tips

At Imagine we not only install pool decks, we also love working with concrete. We work on concrete projects for both our commercial and residential customers. As licensed and experienced contractors we apply a great deal of skill to make sure we get the perfect pour and deliver high quality results!

Here are 4 must dos when planning a concrete patio or pool deck area:

1. Consider the need for drainage: One thing that will ensure your concrete won’t last is water damage. In order to protect the concrete, and to make sure it lasts for many years, you must consider slope and drainage. Before mixing the concrete, our team spend time assessing the area we are working on. If we find that your patio or pool deck area is completely flat, with low spots where water could collect, then we re-configure the angles and slopes to ensure water will run off the surface, and away from the area.

2. Always use a licensed contractor: Working with concrete takes skill and experience. Find a contractor that is licensed and has experience working with concrete on both a small and large scale. This will ensure that your project is built to last, that all the pre-placement preparation is completed to standard, and that your concrete is placed and finished correctly. This way you will get a finished product that will last, and a high quality finish that will add value to your property.

3. Find out if a permit is required: The positioning and size of a concrete patio or deck area can sometimes mean that a permit is required. It is important to work with your contractor and the local city or county to find out if there are any regulations you need to be aware of. At Imagine we have worked in all areas of the Valley in Arizona including Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Glendale, Queen Creek, Sun City, and more. We have the experience, knowledge, and contacts to make the project easy and straightforward, even if a permit is required.

4. Preparation, preparation, preparation: One of the other advantages of using a licensed contractor is their wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing the area in order to achieve a perfect pour. They will be able to advise you on whether a 4” or an 8” pour is required, depending upon your plans for the patio or pool deck area. They will also know how to compact the earth and prepare the surface to ensure that your concrete won’t shift after it has set.

Contact our experts to plan your next concrete patio or pool deck project.