What are the Coolest Pool Deck Surfaces?

The big question for customers in Arizona and the south west of the United States when choosing pool decking is always, what is the surface with the coolest temperatures during the summer?

It’s important to always be safe and wear foot protection on any surface during the summer months but there are definitely some surfaces that are cooler than others. Here we list 4 surfaces that offer style, durability, and a cooler surface during those hot summer months.

Kool Deck

Cool Deck Pool Deck Coating is branded as Kool Deck and is a trademarked product. It is basically a topping applied over a concrete base. The Kool Deck not only adds color and texture to the strong concrete base, it also significantly lowers the surface temperature on those oh so hot days. Colors and patterns are varied allowing you to pick out a look that works for you and your family. Another bonus is just how durable it is, plus special texturing can be added to make it slip resistant.

Marbella Pavers

Another great option for your pool deck is marbella stone. The pavers look gorgeous as part of a pool deck design, the natural stone complementing any and all styles of back-yard landscaping. The porous nature of this natural stone makes the pavers slip resistant as well as cooler than most other deck surfaces.

Acrylic Lace

Modified concrete overlays like acrylic lace dissipate heat a lot better than bare concrete or brick surfaces and can be easily added as resurfacing on existing pool decks, saving time and money. Acrylic lace pool decking can be easily maintained and is very durable. Also, similar to Kool Deck, it comes in a variety of colors and textures. Top tip – choosing a lighter color will keep the deck even cooler.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers score top marks in durability, attractiveness and slip resistance, and on top of all that the natural stone of these pavers keeps them cooler in the hot summer months. The pavers comes in a range of colors including red and ivory, and they hold their color well for years under the sun. If they need repaired it’s as easy as replacing the one or two damaged pavers, making travertine pavers a very attractive option for many when it comes to designing their own pool deck.

Whatever material you choose for your pool deck be sure to check out our blog article on how to maintain your pool deck to prevent wear and tear.
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