Project Spotlight: Phoenix Pool Deck Remodel

Phoenix Pool Deck RemodelOur Imagine team recently worked on a project in Phoenix, Arizona that included a pool deck remodel and patio remodel. We were excited that the homeowners selected an acrylic lace coating to resurface their pool deck and Boulevard Light travertine pavers for the patio remodel. Combining materials to create a unique, custom look is always fun.

These two materials work so well together, particularly around the swimming pool area. The gentle and light tones and hues of the travertine stone perfectly complement the acrylic lace deck which surrounds the hot tub and entire pool deck area. The natural stone steps of the hot tub waterfall and deep blue pool tiles around the edge of the pool complete the look.

Our team also added a fire pit and barbeque area as part of this backyard emodel. The fire pit design is customized, using travertine pavers to create a luxurious and low-maintenance top, and the barbeque area sits alongside the gorgeous travertine patio.

Overall the whole look is luxurious and comfortable, with multiple spaces for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends.  

When designing your own pool deck and patio area, we suggest combining different materials to create a custom look. Here is some more information about the two main materials used in this project.

Why choose Boulevard Light Travertine

  • This natural stone is a light color that almost resembles marble, perfect for deflecting the heat of Arizona.
  • Each paver or tile has a unique look.
  • The stone is naturally absorbent, making it slip resistant.
  • A great choice for creating a custom look for a patio or pool deck.
  • The pavers are durable and long-lasting.
  • Travertine is easy to maintain while creating an upscale look.
  • The pavers come in a variety of sizes to create custom designs. For this project we used 12” x 24” travertine pavers.

Why choose Acrylic Lace

  • Acrylic lace is affordable and easy to maintain.
  • Perfect for a remodel. Upgrade your existing pool deck and create a fresh new look that will last.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and textures.
  • Cooler than most options in the Arizona summer heat.

If you would like to learn more about the many options for remodeling your pool deck or patio, schedule a free consultation with our design team. We have many years of experience and expertise to help!