Project Spotlight: Tempe Acrylic Lace Pool Deck

Tempe Acrylic Lace Pool DeckThe pool deck area often occupies a large portion of any backyard, so how it looks really represents the overall look of the home. An old pool deck in need of repair can devalue a home, and more importantly make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor space. Alternatively, a well designed and expertly installed pool deck, that complements your home, can bring comfort and opportunities for outdoor entertaining with family and friends, while adding value should you ever sell. Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest time in selecting the best design and materials, and the best company to remodel or install your pool deck.

For our team, every pool deck is a favorite, but a recent project, in Tempe, Arizona, was a particularly enjoyable one. The choices of our client, with support from our Imagine design team created a classic look that truly transformed this backyard; utilizing a favorite material, acrylic lace.  

Acrylic lace pool deck coating is very versatile and is a popular choice for remodels and new pool deck installations. It is a great choice for remodels as the acrylic lace coating can be used to cover concrete and is very durable. It is very important to repair the original pool deck beforehand, but after that it is relatively straightforward to cover with acrylic to create a fresh new look that is easy to maintain and long lasting.

It is also a great option for pool decks in Arizona, complementing most architecture styles and backyard designs. It is very durable, easy to maintain and clean, and remains relatively cool under foot during the hot summer months. With this Tempe acrylic lace pool deck project, the classic design and natural tones of the acrylic lace cover a large area of the backyard and work perfectly with the overall design of the property. The use of a unique stamp border completes the look of this Tempe home.

Our customers will be able to enjoy this pool deck and their newly remodeled backyard for many years to come. The acrylic lace is very easy to maintain, simply brushing and washing down regularly will extend the life of this pool deck for many many years to come.

The acrylic lace pool deck extends beyond the pool, surrounding a stylish fire pit, and a step that leads the eye up towards the house. Other key features include acrylic lace paving stones, and a covered seating area. Gorgeous landscaping, with rich green cacti and shrubs perfectly finish off this look, complementing the classic look of this extensive Tempe pool deck and patio area.

If you are looking to remodel your Tempe pool deck, schedule a free consultation with our design team to discuss your ideas and options.