How do I keep my pool deck surface temperature low?

When homeowners are designing their new pool or contemplating an upgrade to an existing pool deck it is essential to consider ways to keep the surface of the pool decking at a low and comfortable temperature. Walking on a paved pool deck on a hot day can feel like walking on hot coals, especially if the surface is made from a dark dense material that soaks up the sun’s energy and holds high temperatures all day long. The surface temperature of your future pool deck is an especially important factor to consider when designing a pool deck in states like Arizona and Texas, where temperatures soar in the summer months when you want to be in your pool every day relaxing on your comfortable pool deck.

The good news is that some surfaces do better than others, and there are now lots of surface options that will ensure your feet stay comfortable when you walk around your beautiful new pool, even on the hot days! Of course any texture during the hottest months in Arizona still requires extra protection for your feet, but some do stay cooler than others, and are definitely more comfortable under your flip flops.

TravertineTravertine pool decks are 20-30% cooler than other decking choices like concrete pavers. Lighter colors like taupe are particularly excellent for providing a low surface temperature for your new pool deck. It holds far less heat than most other options lowering the temperature for your feet on those hot days! Even better, as well as providing lower temperatures travertine pavers are very attractive with natural stone colors and grain textures that elevate the look of any pool area.

Marbella Pavers – You might not have heard of marbella stone but it is actually the best option for ensuring a low temperature on your pool deck. In fact, marbella pavers will give you the coolest of all deck surfaces. In addition they are an extremely attractive option for your pool deck, and the porous nature of the material provides excellent slip resistance.

Cantera – Cantera stone refers to any natural stone taken from a quarry, including marble and limestone. Cantera stone options are naturally non-slip and offer a cool option under the feet. What’s more they come in a wide range of colors and options to choose from so you can select something that perfectly compliments your landscaping.

“Acrylic Lace” Kool Deck Texture – The beauty of acrylic lace “knock down texture” is that your feet are never completely on the surface when standing or walking around your pool, meaning only approximately 50% of your foot is actually touching the surface. Acrylic lace is often the perfect installation for Arizona homes due to its durability, clean finish and comfort. Traditionally, the original kool deck texture that was used prior to the 1990’s was much cooler to touch than today’s acrylic lace but the product did not hold up well to salt water and chemicals. Raw materials that made kool deck durable and cool in touch are no longer allowed by law to be used today in many states. Nowadays many people reference modern “acrylic lace” as “kool deck”.

One important thing to remember when designing a pool deck is the lighter the color tone of the material the cooler the deck. Both “acrylic lace” and travertine decks are cooler with the lighter color tones. The darker you go the warmer the pool deck is going to be. Sealing any pool deck that is near landscaping is also important to ensure the materials are protected.

With these options and more you can now lower the temperature of your pool deck surface and save your and your guests feet during the hot summer months.

Of course surface temperature isn’t the only factor that should be considered when designing your new pool deck, cost, durability, slip resistance, cost of installation, and ease of upkeep are also important. Additional factors to consider include color and how the material complements the overall design of the outdoor environment. Imagine Architectural Concrete are on hand to walk you through the process and help you to create an outdoor living environment that is beautiful and unique to the needs of you and your family.