How to Resurface a Pool Deck?

Are you thinking of resurfacing your pool deck? Before you get started with an extensive DIY project read on.

Preparation of your pool deck is key

Taking the time to fully clear the work-area is essential. Resurfacing a pool deck should be approached professionally and with experience in order to ensure a high quality finish that is worth the investment. Remove all furniture and fixtures and fittings from the area and cover any immovable features like a built-in BBQ or fire-pit. The process of resurfacing can get messy so it is essential that the surrounding area is protected from any unintended damage. Bringing in a professional pool deck resurfacing team can be a great idea to ensure there are no accidents and a high-quality end result.

Assess the condition of the existing pool deck

Next steps are dependent upon the condition of your pool deck. Various tools can be used to clean and sand any damaged concrete. Also a power washer can be used to clean away areas that have minimal damage. Ultimately the preparation of the existing deck will determine the success of the project. Experience with assessing existing damage and selecting the appropriate tools for preparation is essential. If damaged areas are not addressed appropriately and effectively the end result will not be of a high-quality or durable.

Repair pool deck cracks

Once the condition of the pool deck has been expertly determined and appropriate cleaning has taken place it is time to repair any cracks. When it comes to repairing large cracks a professional is a great choice. Large cracks require specialist tools to ensure a pour that will create a completely level surface for the top coat. Further if the cracks run to the edge of the pool deck, this can get complicated without concrete experience.

Prepare the pool deck surface

Once any concrete repairs are completely dry it is time to clean the surface again. Working on the repairs will generate dust and debris and it is essential to take a power washer to the surface to ensure all debris is removed. All professional, bonded and licensed pool deck companies will take the time needed to not only prepare the surface but also to mask off the surrounding area to protect the client’s home and property.

Apply the pool deck coating

Professional pool deck remodeling teams will have all the tools needed to apply concrete topping materials to your entire pool deck. They will also be able to recommend a reliable and high quality product that will deliver the texture and color that you are looking for. Having many years of experience in using the tools ensures a uniform, professional application across the entire deck area, no matter the size or shape.

Customize your pool deck

One of the great advantages of working with Imagine Architectural Concrete is access to our design team. They are available to walk you through the various pool deck recoating, remodeling, and staining options so that you can customize your pool deck to match your design ideas and your budget. The goal with a remodel is to create a finished product that adds value to your home, and delivers a beautiful end result that exceeds your expectations.

Looking to resurface your pool deck? Give Imagine Architectural Concrete a call and we will walk you through the process. Our experienced team will complete your pool deck resurfacing project.