Project Spotlight: Scottsdale Travertine Pool Deck Remodel

Our team loves working on travertine pool deck remodels, and a recent one in Scottsdale was no exception.

Travertine is a great option for a pool deck remodel. A natural and unique stone with distinct patterning, it’s a popular stone choice for both interior and exterior projects, such as pool decks. It’s easily available, comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, and is easy to maintain once it has been installed.

The range of colors to choose from is impressive – whites, browns, greens, and reds – all in a wide variety of shades. With support from our design team, it is easy to find just the right color, with tones and hues to match the overall design and architecture of your home.

This recent pool deck remodel project in Scottsdale, Arizona was a wonderful opportunity to showcase travertine stone. The client selected 12” x 24” Sabbia Tumbled Pavers to be installed over the entire pool deck, patio, and sidewalk area of their backyard. Using the travertine pavers in three distinct ways like this, successfully highlights the natural stone as part of the overall hardscaping design and backyard living space.

Tumbled pavers are a popular option for outdoor use. The stones are thick and are able to absorb water quickly; making them a great solution for a pool deck, and outdoor patios and sidewalks. Because they are porous, they are also more slip resistant than other paver options. 

The project included the installation of a 3” Zurn drain with a removable top, and a box drain to help out with overall drainage.

Along with the pool deck, patio, and sidewalk, our team worked on remodeling the BBQ area with new Autumn Flame stacked stone and a new travertine top to match the pool deck. The choice to upgrade the stone used in the BBQ remodel was a smart one. Using a quality stack stone and travertine, created a consistent and high-end look that completes the overall design of this outdoor entertaining space.

Our Imagine Architectural Concrete team enjoyed working on this project from start to finish and the end results are stunning. Are you looking to install a travertine pool deck in Scottsdale? Contact us with your questions – we are always happy to help.