What to do before hiring a contractor?

Before you hire a company or individual contractor to work on a project at your home there are a few questions that it is absolutely essential to consider and research before making a commitment.

Do you have a clear outline of the project?
A detailed list or description of the project, including an idea on pricing can be a great aid when you are talking with potential contractors. It can help you to ask the right questions, and make sure everything is covered in the estimates you receive.

Is the contractor you are considering licensed, bonded and insured?
Even though a contractor may say they are licensed it is important to still check that the license information is both legitimate and up to date. Up to date information on licensing and insurance in Arizona can be found at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Remember licensing, bonding, and insurance exist to protect the customer, you, so never hire an unlicensed, unbonded, or uninsured contractor.

Have you sourced estimates from a number of contractors?
The key to this part of the process is to remember that the lowest estimate you receive is not always the best choice. It is important to consider all the factors at play, including the contractors experience, previous projects they have worked on, their level of expertise, customer testimonials, and of course whether or not they are licensed.

Have you seen references from other customers?
References can be a great help to gauge the experience level of the contractor. Experience is extremely important as it can ensure that the contractor is able to not only do a highly professional job, but also handle any unexpected issues that might arise during the project. Reviews can also be very useful. Researching the contractor online can give you valuable insight into both their experience and customer opinions of their work

What is the warranty offered?
Highly experienced and professional contractors will offer warranties. Always ask potential contractors what their warranty offering is, you will quickly learn whether or not they are confident enough in their own work to stand by it and offer a comprehensive warranty.

Ask yourself these 5 questions, and do the background research and you will be able to confidently select a contractor for your next project.