Project Spotlight: Gilbert Pool Deck Renovation

Our Imagine Architectural Concrete team was excited to work on a recent pool deck renovation in Gilbert, Arizona. It involved one of our favorite pool deck materials of all time; acrylic lace

Reasons why acrylic lace is one of our favorite materials for pool deck renovation:

Our team has many years of experience working with acrylic lace and never tires of creating a new acrylic lace pool deck, or updating an existing pool deck. Acrylic lace is a great choice for resurfacing. The texture of acrylic lace works well on a wide range of surfaces and application is easy and straightforward. Also it can be really cost effective, making it a very popular choice for pool deck renovation. This Gilbert pool deck was a remodeling project and the finished effect looks brand new; adding instant value and style to this fantastic Gilbert, AZ home.

The project also included an acrylic flagstone patio area and flagstone decorative accents around the pool. Flagstone was the perfect choice to complement and showcase the pool and pool deck. The use of these two styles creates a natural flow and a really polished look for this outdoor living space. Selecting styles that work together to create a high quality, well designed pool deck is one of our favorite parts of the job. Our expert design team is on hand to work directly with each client to make sure they know all of the available options and has the time and guidance they need to make a final decision that they will be happy with for years and years to come.

For this Gilbert home, the homeowners selected warm earthy tones with hints of red and pink for both the acrylic stamp flagstone patio and the acrylic lace deck. The colors and hues perfectly match the color palette of this beautiful home. All these architectural elements work together to create a show-stopping end result!

As an added bonus, both the acrylic lace pool deck and the flagstone acrylic patio are easy to maintain. The patio simply requires regular sweeping to ensure any loose dirt or dust doesn’t sit on the stone for too long. If any stains do appear, they can be easily removed. The acrylic pool deck requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable, even in the extreme Arizona temperatures. As with all pool decks, we recommend you regularly check your deck so that any regular wear or damage is spotted early so it can be easily fixed for a minimal cost.

We always use the highest quality materials, to match our high quality installation techniques and this project was no different. Every project is another wonderful opportunity to make our clients’ dreams come true. Our goal is always to exceed the clients’ expectations, while delivering the highest quality product and workmanship.

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