Project Spotlight: Tempe Pool Deck Resurfacing

A recent Tempe pool deck resurfacing project is a fantastic example of how resurfacing a pool deck can completely transform the look of not only the pool area, but the entire back yard.

Whenever we own a pool deck the goal is always to take good care of the surface to ensure longevity. Maintenance should be regular, from the most basic cleaning and removal of debris, to spot checks for small cracks and areas of damage. If any pool deck damage is detected it should be quickly repaired to avoid the damage getting worse and any repairs getting more expensive.

This recent project involved resurfacing a relatively large pool deck area around a beautiful pool, at a family home in Tempe, Arizona. The resurfaced pool deck extends towards the house, under a covered patio area. The pool has some wonderful shade alongside an adjoining wall. The unusual shape of the pool is accented by the pool deck that completely surrounds the pool itself. At the far end of the back yard area the pool deck surrounds a fire pit and entertaining area.

The client chose acrylic lace as the resurfacing material for updating and upgrading their Arizona pool deck. At Imagine Architectural Concrete we are experts at pool deck resurfacing, and always ensure the highest quality of finishes through preparation, planning and craftsmanship. Acrylic lace is one of our favorite treatments for resurfacing. The unique textures, patterns, and colors produce a very high quality finish that compliments any and all styles of back yard.

The benefits of acrylic lace for resurfacing a pool deck:

Our team was extremely happy with how this Tempe resurfaced pool deck turned out. The entire look of the property was improved, adding instant value. Further, the family is now able to enjoy their entire back yard area thanks to the durable and easily maintained acrylic lace concrete used for the pool deck, patio and fire pit areas.

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