The A-Z of Pool Deck Surfaces

Someone challenged us to describe as many different pool deck surfaces as we could, using only one short paragraph for each surface. After nearly twenty years, and 21,000+ jobs completed, we certainly know a lot about pool decks. So here you go, your quick A-Z guide to pool deck surfaces, courtesy of the Imagine Architectural Concrete team.

Acrylic Lace

We know acrylic lace pool decks! As a team we work on hundreds of these pool decks every year, commercial and residential, and they continue to be a very popular choice. Acrylic lace decks are easy to maintain, durable, and long lasting. Also, acrylic lace is a great option for resurfacing an existing pool deck that needs a style refresh or repairing. Sometimes called kool deck or cool deck. An acrylic lace pool deck stays cooler than many other surfaces, another reason why this surface is a great choice!

Acrylic Stamp

Probably the top reason that people choose acrylic stamp is the flawless paver-like finish. The acrylic stamp overlay is easy to maintain and cool to the touch, while appearing like natural stone flagstones. Texture and color can also be added to increase slip resistance and create a really unique high-end look.

Broom Finish Concrete

Concrete is durable, classic and contemporary in look, and with a broom finish it is also a wonderful non-slip pool deck surface. It is worth investing in licensed and bonded experts to ensure a perfect concrete slab pour for your broom finish concrete pool deck. Once poured the concrete surface is then smoothed out and leveled. Then the broom finish is achieved through the use of a professional concrete broom.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

It is possible to expose the decorative aggregate in concrete by using water, brushing and more dramatically, by using special surface retarder sprays. Whatever method used, the idea is to expose the stone within the concrete for a stylish and unique look. The beauty of this effect is that the sprays can be used to create a customized effect, from barely etched to a far more exposed finish. The concrete is of course durable, and perfect for a functional long lasting pool deck and backyard decking area.

Marbella Stone

Marbella stone pavers are a great natural stone choice for pool decks and patios. In the Arizona heat they stay cooler than some other pool deck surfaces, while adding a touch of luxury to your backyard design. Each paver is unique in color, and because the marbella stone is porous they are non-slip and perfect for your pool deck.

Salt Finish Concrete

You know we love concrete! Salt finish concrete pool decks and patios are created using coarse rock salt crystals on freshly poured concrete to create a subtle pattern and slightly rough texture. It is a great option for creating a non-slip surface and unique customized look. Another decorative option is to use a salt finish on colored concrete for an even more unique look.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a natural stone that is extremely durable, excellent for staying cooler in hot temperatures and a perfect solution for a pool deck. The pavers come in a wide range of colors and hues, from deep warm pinks to sandy yellows, and it is possible to find the perfect pavers to complement the architecture of your home. Travertine pavers can create a rustic, traditional, contemporary, or classic look for your home that will last for many many years to come.

Whichever surface you choose, remember to always choose a licensed and bonded and experienced contractor, like Imagine Architectural Concrete.