Project Spotlight: Acrylic Lace Pool Deck With Bridge

Just How Versatile is Acrylic Lace for Pool Decks?

It isn’t very often that our team gets to work on a bridge, so when we got the chance to work on creating a swimming pool bridge we jumped at the chance!
The pool itself is long and angular in design, perfect for swimming, with lots of straight lines. The client’s dream was to add a feature bridge.

Our design team worked directly with our client to scope out the best placement for the bridge and decided to build the bridge over the swimming pool with three steps on both sides. The bridge conveniently takes you from one side of the pool to the other, and creates a fantastic design statement.

As well as designing and creating the bridge, the project included a large pool deck and patio area that surrounds the pool, and runs right up to the edge of the home. Early on in the design process it became clear that a concrete acrylic lace coating was going to be the perfect surface for this project.

Acrylic lace is a very versatile pool deck surface to work with, perfect for resurfacing existing old and tired concrete pool decks, and for creating brand new pool decks that are easy to maintain, extremely durable, and timeless in their style.

The material is also really versatile when it comes to customizing the design; with multiple options for colors, textures, and design features. With this project we decided to create an imprinted pattern, and the appearance of large tiles. Customizing the look and design of a concrete pool deck is when the fun starts.  Our team at Imagine Architectural Concrete has over twenty years of experience building, installing, and finishing concrete acrylic lace pool decks. If there is a specific color, pattern, stain, or design you are interested in, we are the team for the job.

In this case, patterning the acrylic lace created a really unique look, and from the practical side of things it created a beautiful texture. The added texture makes the surface even more slip resistant, a real advantage for a pool deck. Our clients chose a light brown color for the deck and patio. Selecting lighter tones is always a good idea in Arizona to reduce heat by reflecting the sun’s rays.

Other options for an acrylic lace pool deck include combining stained concrete and patterned concrete. You can create a border area around the pool that contrasts with the main area of the pool deck, in both color and pattern. With an acrylic lace deck or patio you can really let your inner designer out to play and come up with something unique, stylish, and affordable.

Contact our experienced design team today to find out what is possible for your upcoming pool deck remodeling project.