Commercial Project: Fountain of the Sun in Mesa, AZ

At Imagine Architectural Concrete we work on both residential and commercial pool deck projects. Recently we were excited to work on an acrylic commercial pool deck remodel in Mesa, Arizona. 

Planning your commercial pool remodel

When planning the remodel of a commercial pool, it is important to take into consideration a number of important factors that can make or break the project:

  1. Pools and pool decks within communities tend to be well-used and experience heavy day to day, year-round foot traffic. This means a greater need for ongoing maintenance to avoid cracks and other damage.
  2. Community members rely on having access to facilities, so it’s important to minimize any inconvenience to the community due to pool closures or work-site activity.
  3. A reliable, high-quality commercial grade pool deck resurfacing product is essential to ensure durability and longevity.

Retirement community in Mesa, AZ

This particular commercial project was at the Fountain of the Sun in Mesa, Arizona. Fountain of the Sun is a 55+ retirement community that was founded on a former cotton farm in the early 1970’s.

The community enjoys a wide range of resident amenities including:

  1. Bar and restaurant
  2. Pet-friendly residences
  3. Pickle-ball courts
  4. Fitness center
  5. Heated swimming pools and jacuzzis

This project was specifically, to remodel the extensive pool deck area surrounding the swimming pools and jacuzzi area.

Install a high-quality pool deck

In order to ensure a high quality, durable finish that will last, our team took the time needed to prepare the surface for remodeling. When remodeling a pool deck preparation can include extensive cleaning, leveling of the pool deck surface, and minor repairs. If done correctly, with the appropriate expertise and installation best practices, the end result looks like a completely new pool deck that will last for years.

Protect the surrounding areas

During this project, expert care was taken to ensure any dust generated during the preparation and installation were contained, and that the surrounding area and buildings were protected. Our team has extensive experience working on both commercial and residential projects, and know the importance of ensuring the clients’ property is well protected throughout.

Minimize inconvenience to residents

We were able to complete the project quickly and efficiently with minimum inconvenience to any of the residents. It was exciting to wrap up the project and know the residents now have a high quality, effective, and safe pool deck to enjoy for many years to come.

Ongoing Pool Deck Maintenance

The key to our continued excellence in commercial pool deck remodeling, and what makes us stand apart from other companies is our commitment to maintenance. This means that our team comes out to your property on a regular schedule to complete minor maintenance and cleaning. This commercial maintenance program keeps your pool deck clean and looking brand new longer. Our commercial pool decks are built and maintained to impress the property owners and their residents for years to come.

Are you looking to remodel a commercial property?

We specialize in commercial pool deck remodel and have the experience to show for it. Check out our list of completed commercial properties and then give us a call to schedule an appointment to meet with our commercial property specialist.