Project Spotlight: Scottsdale Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Grey Pool Deck

What is an aggregate driveway?

We used concrete aggregate to create the perfect driveway for these homeowners. You may hear aggregate referred to as exposed aggregate, or concrete aggregate. Basically, this style of driveway includes concrete and a gravel mix, with a variety of stones. After the concrete driveway has been poured, a technique is used that ensures partial exposure of the gravel or stone mix. The end result is extremely durable, is able to withstand constant use, and is classic in its appearance.

How do you maintain an aggregate driveway?

An added bonus of an aggregate driveway is just how easy they are to maintain. With a power washer and a pre-approved concrete cleaner, you can easily and efficiently keep your driveway clean and sparkly. Then just use a stiff brush to remove the more stubborn stains.

The average driveway does not last forever. All driveways need consistent maintenance and will need to be replaced at some point in time. Driveway maintenance should be a part of your general home maintenance routine. Remember to take a look at your driveway regularly, to identify any cracks that may be forming, or any other damage that needs attention. Dealing with small cracks is a lot easier than leaving it for months and then having a much bigger problem on your hands. It won’t just be a bigger problem, it will be a more expensive problem.

When should you consider replacing your driveway?

Once your driveway requires regular repair, it is time to consider some options for upgrading the driveway or, indeed, replacing it. Depending upon how well your existing driveway was installed, and how long ago, you can determine whether or not it would be more cost efficient to go ahead and install a brand new driveway. If you are considering a new driveway, please reach out to our fully licensed and bonded team and gain the benefit of their experience.

What materials coordinate with exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is versatile and easily coordinates with other materials such as concrete pavers, marbella stone pavers, acrylic coatings, brushed concrete, etc. These homeowners chose warm-colored concrete pavers to line their driveway and expand the driveway/walkway areas. These pavers contrast nicely with the rough grey exposed aggregate concrete.

Working on a large project like this can be really enjoyable as it allows our team to show off their artisan skills and expert concrete pouring from over 21,000 projects. If you are thinking about installing a new driveway, please take the time to review the wide range of materials that you can use. Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our design team, so they can share their extensive experience and expertise in selecting the perfect materials for your project and budget.