Project Spotlight: Phoenix Travertine Pavers

Grey Pool Deck

Our team recently worked on a project in Phoenix, Arizona that included, not only a pool deck, but also the patio, and walkway. Working on an area like this, that encompasses multiple sections or backyard areas, offers a great opportunity for our team to create a cohesive, show-stopping, finish that elevates the look and style of the entire home.

The layout of this backyard, and the lines of the pool created an instant opportunity to create a very classic elegant look. The pool itself has some great features, with almost crescent shaped sections for the steps and the jacuzzi area. The shapes and design have a very timeless appearance and style. In order to accentuate this, our clients selected a beautiful taupe travertine paver. To even further emphasise the already classic and timeless look of the pool, they selected a range of paver sizes and shapes. The variety in the travertine paver sizes and shapes allowed our team to create a luxurious pool deck design, highlighting the unique lines of the pool.

Phoenix Travertine Pavers

As the travertine pavers extend beyond the pool and pool deck, to the patio and the walkway, the effect is even more impressive. The subtle grey and beige tones of the pavers lead the eye throughout the entire backyard, up to our client’s gorgeous home.

It is worth taking a really good look at just how attractive these travertine pavers are. Each one has unique coloring, tones, pitting, and texture. The paler tones reflect the water and shine under a sunny Phoenix sky.

The travertine pavers cover the entire patio, right up to the edge of the house. Our team knows the importance of preparation, and this project was no exception. Covering such a large area with pavers, including a pool deck, patio, and walkway calls for extreme attention to detail. Working with natural stone pavers takes skill and experience, and there are very different factors to consider when installing the pavers in the three different areas. Luckily, our team has over 21,000 jobs under their belt and have worked with travertine pavers many times.

Pavers are perfect for walkways

Travertine pavers are very durable, making them a great choice for pool decks, patios and walkways. They are a particularly great choice for walkways as the unique colors and textures allow you to get creative when laying the walkway. It is worth taking the time to choose the placement of each piece of stone to create a high-quality, professional end result.

A great choice for pool decks

For a pool deck, travertine pavers are also a great choice because they are durable and stunning in their appearance. The natural stone absorbs water, helping with slip resistance, and the lighter tones are perfect for the Phoenix heat.

Just right for patios

Patios often extend beyond the immediate pool deck area and it can create a very stylish finish when the same material is used throughout the backyard. Travertine pavers really lend themselves to this approach of landscape design. They naturally work well as patio pavers, and can easily be laid over an existing concrete patio to create a stunning end result.

If you are a Phoenix homeowner considering travertine pavers for your pool deck or patio, contact our team today to discuss your upcoming project and schedule a design consultation.