Project Spotlight: Grey Concrete Pool Deck

Grey Pool Deck

Grey Pool Deck are a Popular Choice

Our team loved working on a recent pool deck project using grey acrylic lace to create a contemporary look. In recent years grey pool decks have become increasingly popular and are a trending design style.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why.

Contemporary Look

The look and style of your pool deck can define your entire backyard. Acrylic lace pool decks create a clean look which is highly functional and attractive. Often a popular choice for pool deck remodeling and refinishing, acrylic lace complements all home styles and architecture. Grey is a trending home design color and is a popular choice for creating a clean and modern look.

A Great Value

Acrylic lace can be a great choice for creating a brand new pool deck or refurbishing an existing pool deck that needs to be repaired or refreshed. Either way the grey acrylic lace coating creates a fresh, stylish look and is cost effective.

Cool to the Touch

An acrylic lace pool deck can stay cooler than other pool deck options, which is important during our Arizona summers. It is also a non-porous surface with texure that helps prevent slipping.

Durable Surface

Your pool deck area is the place where you place your lounge chairs, where you regularly move around patio tables, umbrellas and other outdoor furniture. When designing and building your pool deck, materials matter. An acrylic coating on your concrete pool deck is not only durable, but it also creates a waterproof seal that helps protect your pool deck and increase it’s overall longevity.

A grey pool deck is an excellent choice for many reasons, and is worth looking into if you are building a new swimming pool or remodeling or resurfacing an existing pool deck. If you are looking to remodel your pool deck or patio, give our expert design team a call to discuss your ideas and schedule a free consultation.