What are the Pros and Cons of a Travertine Pool Deck?

When selecting a pool deck many people are looking for a material that will complement the style and design of their home, will be easy to maintain, and will last a long time. Travertine pavers deliver a positive in all of these areas, plus much more; making it an increasingly popular choice. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love travertine, and a few of things to be aware of when planning for the installation of a travertine pool deck.

Travertine is Stylish and Practical
Travertine is an attractive natural stone. It is incredibly stylish and versatile and basically goes with every style of home and architecture. At the same time it is practical with excellent levels of absorbency, making it a great choice for a pool deck. Further, the absorbency reduces the temperature of the stone making it a functional and practical choice for here in Arizona. With travertine you get a level of absorbency that increases the slip resistance of the pool deck surface and keeps the temperatures down.

Many Travertine Color & Texture Choices
With a wide range of natural colors, tones, textures, and travertine paver pool deck patterns to choose from; every travertine pool deck is unique. Also, you can choose from a range of finishes to create an even more dramatic and individual look. Finishes include: polished, brushed and tumbled. With so many choices you can truly create a unique travertine pool deck that works for your home.

Travertine is a Great Value
Travertine pavers are an affordable way to create a very natural high quality look for your pool deck and for your home. With a wide variety of textures and colors you can easily create a very luxurious and stylish look for a very reasonable investment in comparison to other natural stone choices.

Travertine is Easy to Maintain
Travertine pool deck maintenance is relatively straightforward. The surface is easy to clean; enhancing its longevity and durability. Also, as a real stone the pavers do not discolor over time, retaining their high quality look for many years. You also have the option to seal your travertine pavers. Many choose this option as it really brings out the unique natural coloring of each stone paver, making the overall look vibrant and show-stopping.

Have you been considering a travertine pool deck for your backyard? Give our travertine installation experts a call or send us an email and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.