Project Spotlight: Paradise Valley Travertine Pool Deck

Every pool deck remodeling project our team works on is an opportunity to create something special, something that clients will love and enjoy for years to come. A recent project in Paradise Valley, Phoenix is a perfect example of this.

The goal with this project was to create a Paradise Valley pool deck area that truly reflects the grandeur of the home. The pool at this home runs almost the length of the main house and is surrounded on three sides by a rich green lawn. The location and large size of the pool creates a unique opportunity for the pool deck to become a design statement, to not only complement the architecture and styling of the home but to become a design focal point on the property. Lending itself to this is the shape of the pool itself. A long rectangular lap pool becomes almost art deco in appearance with a grand entrance with classic rounded lines.

Seeing an opportunity to create something really special our design team set to work consulting with the clients to determine the right material for the pool deck. From early on in the process it became clear that selecting the right material would be key, in order to emphasize the shape and grandeur of the pool, while complementing the unique architecture of the home and styling of this paradise valley backyard remodel.

At Imagine Architectural Concrete our team works with our clients from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality of customer service throughout the process. A special feature we offer is access to our design team. With over 21,000 projects completed, our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to design and selecting materials that our clients can really benefit from. With this project, our design team worked alongside our clients to explore a range of material options for the pool deck. In the end, peach travertine pavers were a perfect choice.

Using natural stone pavers allowed our team to create a classic and timeless look. The team was able to perfectly align the pavers around the curve of the pool entrance, highlighting the unique shape. Ultimately the perfectly placed and cut pavers created a seamless flow around the pool, accenting the unique shape, and creating a show-stopping high quality finish. The pavers not only surround the pool but also carry over the lip of the pool edge, creating a very finished and high quality appearance, that further elevates the existing design elements of the pool and the home.  

The exterior of the home includes both stucco and brick finishes. Both use a rich color palette with warm reds and pink tones. Using travertine stone pavers is a great way to create a unique and captivating look. Each paver is unique with subtle differences in the texture and in a wide array of colors and tones. For this project peach travertine pavers were the perfect choice, due to the warm tones that perfectly complement the color palette of the home.

Travertine stone pavers are also a great choice for many pool deck remodels and designs from for reasons. The porous natural stone is slip-proof and can remain cooler than many other surfaces in the sun, making it a great choice for Paradise Valley pool decks. Our team is extremely proud of the end results. Looking for a high-quality travertine pool deck installation in your backyard? Contact our design team and we will work with you to design the backyard of your dreams.