Project Spotlight: Gilbert Travertine Pavers

Grey Pool Deck

When you are considering pavers for your pool deck, you can spend a lot of time researching the wide range of colors and textures available. There are many types of natural stones to choose from and it can be a challenge to be sure you select the perfect pavers to complement the overall design of your backyard and the style of your home.

Pool Deck Design Team

What we offer at Imagine Architectural Concrete is access to our premier design team. They are on hand to help you navigate through the wide range of options, stone varieties, colors, tones, textures, and price ranges. All of our team members have many years of experience and are true artisans when it comes to project management, customer service, design, and of course installing pool decks, patios and driveways. From start to finish on a project, they are there for you, and the design process is no exception.

Natural Travertine Pavers

A recent project in Gilbert, Arizona is a great example of how the perfect selection of natural pavers created a luxurious pool deck that elevates the overall home and backyard. Our team worked with this client to select gorgeous ‘Caramel Boulevard’ travertine pavers for their pool deck and patio area. These pavers are paler in color than many others and create a high-end chic look. We used a variety of sizes of pavers to create a custom design that fully complements the shape of the pool.

One unique feature of this project was the flower-bed planter box located poolside, built into the pool deck itself. Our team ensured that the pavers were placed perfectly around this area to further enhance this unique feature of the backyard. We were also able to use special pavers that are slightly larger in size to edge the pool.

Travertine Pavers Create Texture

Travertine pavers were the perfect choice for this project overall. Each paver is unique, with different tones and textures. Texture is a real plus with travertine pavers. Tumbled travertine is the most common choice for pool decks and patios with a slightly rough finish and rounded corners to make a non-slip surface. The finished result is almost vintage and antique in its look.

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool deck with travertine pavers, don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with our skilled design team. Our extensive experience with planning and installing travertine pool decks will give you the peace of mind to trust your next project with us.