Commercial Project: Resurfacing Carefree Resort Pool Deck

Resurfacing Carefree Resort Pool DeckAt Imagine we are always excited to take on new commercial pool deck projects, and this one at CIVANA Carefree (formerly known as the Carefree Resort) was no exception.

The CIVANA Carefree is a well known destination resort north of the Phoenix valley. Specializing in tranquil vacations, guests can enjoy relaxation and amenities over 23 acres, surrounded by the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

In 2017 the CIVANA Carefree came under new management, and a huge $11 million renovation began. As well as a complete renovation of the main entertaining area and rooms, 10,000 square feet of pool deck required immediate attention.

Architecturally the pool is central to the flow of the resort. Located right in the center, the resort buildings surround the pool area, and the pool itself is overlooked by many rooms and the restaurant and lounge. The appearance of the pool and the deck are extremely important, not only for guests to enjoy but for the overall aesthetic of the resort.

We were honored to be selected as the team to take on the large project of resurfacing the CIVANA Carefree pool. When our team arrived on site we found a very damaged pool deck. In fact it was perhaps the worst pool deck we had ever seen. Years of wear and tear and poor maintenance had resulted in a severely cracked and peeling deck that needed immediate attention.

Thankfully we were the right team for the job and set about grinding down the existing deck, before resurfacing the entire decking area.

Our team finished the work in December 2017 and the resort is now the proud owner of a sparkling resurfaced pool deck, with no peeling or cracks. Most importantly the resurfacing has ensured that the deck is safe for guests, an issue that our team take very seriously.

On March 6, 2018 the CIVANA Carefree is being relaunched, with an Eco Resort theme and ethos. The main resort pool will be reopened with an attractive and safe pool deck, which our team are very proud of.