How do you maintain a Commercial Pool Deck?

How to Maintain a Commercial Pool Deck
Registered Arizona contractor Imagine Architectural Concrete has completed close to 350 commercial installations of pool decks, and concrete installations since the company was founded.

Many of our projects have included some of the top resorts in the Valley. In fact, this year we have been delighted to continue our work with one of the Valley’s largest resorts, the Arizona Grand. We have been working on a complete re-decking of five of their pools this year.

Many of our pool decking projects have been on community pools, including a 4,000 square foot pool at Gainey Ranch.

Other projects have included resurfacing of splash pads, for example the large 3,900 sqft Liberty Bell splash pad in Anthem, Arizona.

With all the commercial projects we work on we use premium products with outstanding strength, quality and durability. Our team of highly qualified and very talented design consultants and craftsmen work with our commercial clients to create the exact ambience and style they are looking for.

Commercial Pool Deck Maintenance Tips

When it comes to pool deck maintenance, commercial pool decks need extra care. Often highly trafficked, the usual wear and tear is amplified and even the most durable, highest quality pool decks can become damaged. To help prevent damage it is essential that a regular maintenance program is in place.

Daily commercial pool deck maintenance tasks include:
1. Check for wear and tear, especially small cracks – Catch cracks early, repair them, and prevent
them from becoming bigger, more costly cracks later.
2. Pressure wash the pool deck every day – This is an important job! Remove debris and also use a disinfectant to kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens.
3. Scrub the deck – Even the best pressure washers can leave marks and stains behind. Scrubbing the surface with an approved brush can make sure all the marks are removed and the deck looks good as new for the guests that day.