Project Spotlight: Reduced Flooding on Phoenix Patio

The Imagine team recently completed a project at a residence in the Biltmore golf course area, Phoenix Arizona.

Located near the grandeur of the Phoenix mountain preserve, the Biltmore golf course is situated right in the heart of Phoenix. Owners of residences in this area have been contending with the high water table, and the resultant backyard flooding, for many years.

The backyard of the home the team were called to work on was in fact constantly flooded, even with a drain and pump that was already in place.

The home backs right up to the golf course, which is at a higher grade than the home making drainage even more of a problem.

The Imagine team set about cleaning out the existing concrete patio as phase one of the project. The team replaced the concrete with pavers and an extensive drainage system, including the installation of 4 drainage tanks and 1 drainage box.

One challenge of this project was that the backyard was very limited on space. It was necessary for the team to move debris through the house to dispose of it out front. The Imagine Architectural team took the time to ensure all of this was done with great care to ensure no damage to the backyard, front yard or even the inside of the home. This is a great example of how our team like to work, doing high quality project work that delights the customer while taking pride in protecting their home.

Following installation of the drainage tanks the team laid drainage pipes. The pipes were placed in between the tanks to ensure if 1 tank filled up, the water would continue to the next tank and onward out of the backyard and away from the foundations of the home.

The team also took the additional precaution of sloping the patio properly so that the water drains away from the home and the foundation is well protected, and there is no chance of water flooding into the home.

A great project that has not only transformed the customer’s back yard with new pavers, but has added longevity to their patio and home through proper, efficient, drainage installation.