Travertine Tile for Pool Decks

Create a real show-stopping look with a newly installed travertine tile pool deck.

When it comes to backyard design it is advisable to consider color; contrast; and balance, in order to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.
We recently worked on a fabulous travertine tile pool deck which is a perfect example of exceptional design. With this project it’s clear that every design decision builds on the last to create an extremely impressive end result that adds instant value to the home.


In this project the client’s clever use of color can be seen throughout. The pool itself is built with deep blue pool tiles that echo the blue Arizona sky. The blue theme is then continued with large cobalt blue glazed pots positioned as feature ornaments atop the waterfall area of the pool. Rich green grass surrounds the pool area and continues to build on the color palette. All these color choices perfectly enhance the drop-dead gorgeous natural tones of the travertine tile.


Take note of the placement of the travertine tile pavers as a perfect example of using contrast in design. The smaller travertine pavers fan out from the edge of the pool, creating a defined border that perfectly highlights the unique flower-like shape of the pool. The border tiles contrast in size and in tone. The border is much lighter in tone making the main pool deck travertine stone really pop with their warm and rich coloring.


Travertine tile pavers for pool decks is the perfect stone for this project. Travertine is a natural stone and every tile is unique, with its own patterns, colors and textures. On this project there is a wide selection of tones and colors used, from deep browns to much lighter sandy shades. Even though the colors are so different and each tile is so unique, the expert placement creates an overall balanced look.

Our expert design team walks alongside you as you consider different design options, and they are there to help your vision become a reality. Once your design is finalized and approved, the team begins the work, and expertly crafts your dream backyard experience.

If you are considering travertine pavers for your pool deck remodel, please contact us to schedule your free design consultation.