Project Spotlight: Sand Finish Concrete Pool Deck in Queen Creek

We loved working on a recent project where our team installed a beautiful, contemporary sand washed concrete pool deck.

Our clients had a very clear vision for their pool deck, patio, and backyard area. For them, the texture and look of sand finished concrete was the perfect choice.
At their beautiful home in Queen Creek, Arizona the sandwashed pool deck area is complemented perfectly by the adjacent natural green grass, and the well placed stylish outdoor furniture. The result is a truly stunning backyard, perfect for enjoying time with family and entertaining friends.

So, what is sand-finished concrete?

With a sandwash finish, concrete undergoes a process similar to other concrete finishes, the difference is all in the sand. The process gets its name from the high ratio of sand particles to other particles such as pebbles. This results in a smooth uniform texture that looks stunning.

Benefits of Sand-Finished Concrete

One of the major benefits of creating a sand finish on a concrete pool deck is the look. Basically the concrete becomes smoother, with an almost polished-like finish that is easy on the feet. The other main benefit of a sand finished concrete pool deck is the non-slip surface it creates. Safety combined with a contemporary upscale style are great features for many homeowners wanting to upgrade their backyard living space.

Sand-Finished Concrete Installation

Key to the installment of a sand-washed concrete is ensuring that the end result is professionally sealed for longevity and durability. Our team at Imagine Architectural Concrete are very experienced when it comes to finishing projects to a professional standard that delivers results that exceed our client’s expectations.

A bonus feature of sand finished concrete is the possibility of further customizing the look with the addition of color during the process of sand-washing. This creates a really unique and stylish look.

The sand-washed look complements a wide variety of architectural styles and home designs, making it a great choice for many of our customers.

If you are looking for a contemporary sand finished concrete pool deck for your backyard, please contact our experienced design team to set up a free consultation