Swimming Pool Deck Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Deck Design IdeasWe love all pool decks! Whether it is a marbella paver pool deck and patio, or a classic modern acrylic lace deck remodel, every installation is completed with high quality craftsmanship and a respect for the details.

Our incredible licensed and bonded Imagine Architectural team recently completed 21,000 jobs, and to celebrate we would love to share with you a wide range of pool styles and the pool decks just in case you are considering a remodel or perhaps a brand new pool deck for your home!

Modern Pool Decks

Let’s begin with modern. We love to work with concrete, and this material lends itself very well to a modern style pool and pool deck. The modern look rarely goes out of style, and compliments most architecture here in Arizona. One of our favorite modern style pool deck projects was a unique concrete pool deck in Phoenix. For this luxurious project the client chose a broom finish for the concrete, a technique that literally uses a broom to create a smooth surface on the concrete.

Create a Contemporary Look

A great way to create a contemporary look for your pool deck is to use a grey acrylic lace finish. We recently completed a gorgeous a grey pool deck, and the results speak for themselves.  Acrylic lace is always good value, it’s durable, and creates a waterproof seal; protecting your concrete pool deck for years to come. Choosing the grey finish adds the contemporary modern touch.

Classic Southwest Pool Decks

Since we are based in Arizona we can’t write an article about pool decks without including finishes that create a classic southwest look. Much of the architecture across Arizona, and in Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, and Chandler is southwest in style and palette, so it makes sense that many of our clients choose pool deck finishes that complement this style of home. A perfect example of this is a project in Gilbert we completed recently, where natural travertine pavers perfectly complement the warm tones and design of the client’s southwest style home. Another great example is a home in Mesa where again, travertine pavers were used to create a flow from the home out to the large pool area. This house is stuccoed and the travertine pavers work perfectly with this architecture and design style. Acrylic lace is also a great choice for the southwest look, with lots of colors to choose from that perfectly complement the warm beige and neutral southwest palette.

Tuscan and Mediterranean Style Pool Decks

Many of us are in love with a Mediterranean Tuscan look, for our homes, our landscaping, and our pool decks and patios. A Tuscan style can be complemented with a range of different pool deck materials including the luxurious marbella pavers that perfectly compliments red brick and tiled roofs. This project we completed in Scottsdale is a great example of this. Natural travertine pavers also create a Tuscan look with the warm red, pink and gold tones working perfectly with the Mediterranean style.

If you’re looking for swimming pool deck design ideas, take a look at our photo galleries. We have completed over 21,000 projects in the Phoenix area with a wide range of styles and budgets. Have something specific in mind? Give our team a call or send an email and we will be happy to discuss your ideas.