Project Spotlight: Marbella Stone Scottsdale Backyard Remodel

Marbella Stone Scottsdale Backyard RemodelUpdating and upgrading outdoor living areas in Arizona not only adds value to a home, but also adds quality of life for the homeowners and their families. With so many hot days during the year here in Arizona, creating an outdoor space that is usable throughout the year is priceless. Our team loves working on backyard remodeling projects. We greatly enjoyed this recent Marbella Stone project in Scottsdale, Arizona that completely remodeled the whole back yard for our clients.

Determine a vision for this Backyard Remodel

For this project we worked with the clients to remodel their existing pool deck using marbella stone. Not only is marbella stone an absolutely stunning surface for your backyard remodel, it is the coolest surface available. For this project we added a gas fire pit, an additional entertaining area, and a synthetic grass putting green. We also updated the outdoor shower and BBQ areas, along with adding a concrete walkway extending out through the side gate to the front yard. The end results of this Arizona backyard remodel were outstanding and the clients were delighted.

To kick off the project we worked with the homeowners to ensure that we fully understood their vision for their backyard. A project like this is about creating a dream outdoor environment. This client wanted a cool surface that looks amazing with that “wow factor”. They invested their time and money with us, as well as entrusting us with their vision and backyard. We take that seriously, and do everything we can to make their vision a reality.

Fix any Architectural Issues

Our team quickly identified that one of the key issues on this project was water drainage. Luckily we have years and years of experience with drainage and immediately started preparing the backyard area to ensure that water would drain away from the foundation of the home, quickly and efficiently.

Choose Marbella Stone for the Patio & Pool Deck

For the pool deck and patio, marbella stone was selected for it’s beautiful look and it’s ability to stay cool during our Arizona summers. This is a wonderful material for pool deck areas. The area around the pool is one of the most important parts of the poolscape. This is where people gather. The choice of pool deck materials is a great opportunity to define the style of the backyard and to create something unique for your home backyard remodel. Marbella stone is a great choice for pool decks, particularly in Arizona. As a natural stone it is beautiful in appearance, and as an added bonus marbella stone remains cooler than most other pool deck surfaces.

This backyard remodel continued with our team removing the old grass landscaping and pouring concrete to create a new outdoor seating area with a fire pit and BBQ area. Marbella tiles were set on top of the extended concrete patio, creating a seamless finish that is extremely durable and will be very easy for the client to maintain for years to come.

The addition of a gas fire pit and a putting green were fantastic finishing touches that really elevate this Arizona backyard remodel and provides a perfect place for family and friends to congregate.

Complete this Dream Backyard

Our team got to work and were there from beginning to end of this backyard transformation. Attention to detail was applied throughout the process, to ensure that the client’s dream was respected, and that their home was protected. Get a closer look at all the Marbella Stone we have installed to make our clients’ dream backyards a reality.