Can I paint my pool deck?

As pool deck installation and resurfacing experts, “Can I paint my pool deck?” is a question we sometimes hear. So today, we thought it might be helpful to try to answer this question, and to provide some of our insight into whether or not you should, in fact, paint your pool deck.

The first thing we should address is that pool deck paint is rarely the solution to pool decking issues. When we talk about resurfacing a deck what we are really talking about is applying a coating or using specific materials, other than paint. Materials such as acrylic, natural stone, or stamped concrete for example. Ultimately, the times when it is truly appropriate to paint a pool deck are very limited.

There are in fact many instances when pool deck paint is definitely not the answer. For example, in order for the application of paint to work on an existing pool deck area the original surface cannot be peeling or damaged in any way. In fact, the application of concrete pool deck paint will only be effective if the surface is completely solid, already bonded, and in great condition. Also, the following pool deck surfaces should not be painted under any circumstance, no matter the condition; acrylic, cool deck, or kool deck. In addition, a pool deck that has been painted previously should not be painted again. In reality, the only appropriate time to paint pool or patio decking is when the existing deck is in great condition and the paint is being used to update the look, not to improve the condition of the decking.

So what does all that mean? It means that technically you can paint your pool deck, but the times when it is an appropriate option are very few. If you do choose to paint your pool deck you must first ensure that the surface is in great condition, is already bonded, and is well prepared and clean. There should be no dust or debris on the surface prior to painting. You will also need to paint multiple layers, leaving at least 24 hours between coats for the paint to completely dry.

So, if pool deck paint is not your answer then what is? When it comes to resurfacing a damaged, or outdated pool deck surface the options are many. Hiring a professional and experienced team like Imagine Architectural Concrete will ensure the surface is well prepared, that the material of your choice is accurately applied, sealed, and prepared for durability and with longevity in mind. Make an appointment for a free estimate on your upcoming pool deck project.