Project Spotlight: Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

This project was truly a transformation, a real before and after makeover! From a beat-up, well-worn, broken-down old acrylic lace pool deck with a rusted out diving board, to a luxurious natural travertine stone pool deck, with space to relax, entertain, and play!

Never underestimate the power of a pool deck remodel. A fresh, new pool deck, can completely upgrade your home and lifestyle. Your pool, pool deck area and patio, if designed and installed to a high standard, can absolutely define the overall design, architecture, and style of your home. Also, a high-quality pool deck can add instant luxury and value. Of course, the look is only part of it, a beautiful remodeled pool deck also delivers quality outdoor space to relax in comfort, to entertain, and to play, for you, your family, and your friends.

Experience in Pool Deck Transformation

You may look at your existing pool deck and not even be able to imagine the potential transformation. Luckily, our team at Imagine Architectural Concrete is here to help. Our expert design team has over twenty years of experience and is ready to support you in reviewing the options so that you can confidently transform and upgrade your pool deck. Our team has many years of experience identifying suitable materials and coatings that produce highly successful pool deck remodels, and you can benefit from their experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

For this specific pool deck remodel project, in Glendale, Arizona, our design team worked directly with the client to determine that travertine pavers were the perfect choice to completely redefine her pool deck. And it wasn’t just the material that changed, it was also the footprint of the pool deck itself. A significant part of the remodel was the addition of a rock waterfall and an enlarged pool deck footprint, providing more space for outdoor furniture, and ultimately a much more modern and upscale look. She also added low maintenance turfgrass to complete her stylish, and luxurious new look backyard.

A Successful Remodeling Process

When it comes to remodeling, once the design process is complete, it is over to our highly experienced, licensed and bonded, pool deck installation team to fully assess the damage and state of the existing pool deck. This attention to detail is very important, so that the surface is well prepared for the remodel. Rushing through this stage is not a good idea. Mistakes made in underestimating the damage to the existing pool deck may result in a lower quality finish for the remodel. Our team has completed over 21,000 jobs, so they are highly experienced when it comes to remodeling pool decks. They have seen a huge variety of pool decks in a wide range of conditions, and are very familiar with how to effectively prepare an old pool deck for a successful remodel.

For this project, the team was overlaying natural stone travertine pavers on top of the old acrylic lace pool deck. Slightly differently from many other remodels, this project also included an expansion of the pool deck footprint by pouring new concrete. It was essential that the surface was professionally prepared and leveled in order to ensure a successful, high-quality installation of the travertine pavers. Our team left nothing to chance and the end result is an immaculate upscale finish that completely transforms the pool deck, the pool area, the backyard, and increases the value of the entire home.

If you’re considering a pool deck remodel, please reach out to our team, so you too can benefit from our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise. We are here to ensure that your pool deck remodel is beyond your imagination and expectations.