Project Spotlight: Paradise Valley Luxury Backyard Remodel

Paradise Valley Luxury Backyard Remodel

This recent project is a perfect example of how well different pool deck and patio surfaces and materials can play together to create a stunning design. The key materials used on this project are natural stone cement pavers and brick veneer tiles. The key features include a spa, large outdoor barbecue with seating area, and a large patio.

Backyard Design Elements

It is clear when you look at this dream Paradise Valley backyard that a great deal of thought has gone into the design, from the lines, and placement of key features, to the choice of materials, and colors and tones.

Contrast in Materials

The gorgeous stone cement pavers surround the spa and fire pit area. These large square stone pavers (24″ x 24″) are actually made from an ancient marbella stone and the end result is both dramatic and luxurious. The pavers are perfectly placed to create a large show-stopping patio area, and a path alongside the barbecue area. The pale, neutral tones of the pavers are perfectly accentuated by the rich green grass, and the red brick veneer tiles on the walls of the firepit and the barbecue. Every element complements each other perfectly.

Custom Concrete

Another element of the overall design is the concrete countertops of the barbecue area which have been perfectly poured. The concrete looks spectacularly modern, alongside the more rustic brick veneer tiles, and the luxurious marbella stone pavers. Every angle has been considered, from the large square pavers, to the sharp corners of the barbecue and the beautifully designed spa, positioned centrally between two large seating areas. The fire-pit provides ample seating, with the backdrop of the perfectly executed marbella paver patio.

Expert Design & Installation

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