What is Garage Epoxy Flooring?

The use of epoxy polymers in flooring has been a popular choice for garages for years, and there are many reasons why, here are just three of them.

If after reading this you are sold on the idea of an epoxy coating for your garage floor, then our team is ready to help. Our team of expert garage flooring installers bring professionalism, many years of experience, the highest quality workmanship, warrantied products, and expertise in working with concrete. The Imagine Architectural Concrete team is the team you need to ensure a finished garage floor that you will love for many, many years to come.

1. The Wow Factor

Not to be underestimated, a professionally finished epoxy garage floor is a sight to behold. An epoxy finish creates a very high-quality, professional look which can be easily customized to create a show-stopping garage floor. A wide range of color and design choices allow you to create something truly unique in your garage. Visual effects can be achieved using color blends, reflective powders, and high performance coatings. Just imagine your beloved car or outdoor toy, showcased by a shiny professional upgraded garage floor, with your choice of color and customized visual effects or graphics.

2. Durability

Epoxy coatings sit on top of an existing concrete floor, so preparation is extremely important. Our team of garage flooring installers expertly assesses the condition of your existing garage floor to determine what preparation is required to even out any existing cracks or damage to the concrete before applying the epoxy coating. This upfront work is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked as it ensures a high quality finish. Following preparation, the epoxy floor coating is applied and then sealed for longevity and durability. The finished product delivers extreme durability, perfect for hard working garage floors. An epoxy garage floor is stain resistant, slip resistant, easy to clean, can withstand extreme temperatures, and chemical resistant. Ultimately, an epoxy coating it is a great investment for your garage floor, not only beautiful to look at but also extremely practical and a long lasting surface.

3. Versatility

Part of the fun of transforming your concrete garage floor to a beautiful epoxy finish is that you get to choose the color, texture and finish! Self leveling epoxy coatings are available and a great choice for installation over existing concrete floors, smoothing out the surface to deliver a seamless finish. Graveled epoxy coatings are also a popular choice for garage floors as they are highly decorative and can be used for the addition of brand marks and other decorative graphics and details. Other ways to achieve a decorative finish includes the addition of colored flakes or chips over the epoxy coating while still wet.

To find out which garage flooring options are best for your garage floor, please contact us to learn more and schedule a free consultation.