Commercial Project: Village Health Club Pool Deck Installation

The Imagine Architectural team works on commercial pool deck projects as well as residential. Commercial projects tend to be larger in scale and are a great opportunity for our team to use a wide variety of installation and maintenance skills, with the goal of delivering the highest quality pool deck finish every time.

When installing or resurfacing a commercial pool deck it is essential to ensure the highest quality of pool deck installation, the perfect concrete pour, and an ongoing maintenance plan to keep the deck looking brand new. Thinking about a commercial maintenance plan from the outset of the project helps to ensure durability and extends the life of the pool deck surface for the client and all their customers.

Commercial Pool Deck Partner

A great example of our commercial work is our partnership with the Village Health Clubs. We are proud to work with them at their multiple locations across the Phoenix valley; in the Camelback, DC Ranch, Gainey and Ocotillo neighborhoods. Our work for them includes resurfacing, installing and regular maintainenance of pool deck areas and creating splash pads.

Chandler Village Health Club & Spa

We recently worked on their newest location, Ocotillo Village Health Club and Spa, located in Chandler, Arizona. This project was a great opportunity for our team to work on a large pool deck and splash pad area.

With over 82,000 square feet of property, the Ocotillo Village Health Club and Spa provides members with a wide range of fitness and spa facilities, including a large leisure and lap pool, all set within a luxurious environment.

The facility offers over one hundred and forty fitness classes, and experiences a constant flow of foot traffic throughout the main building and in the outdoor recreation areas. The outdoor pool area is in fact one of the busiest areas of the health club, frequently used for lap swimming, leisure, and fitness classes like aquarobics.

Arizona Commercial Pools

In Arizona, outdoor pool areas bring much needed respite for residents from the heat during late spring, summer and into early fall. Swimming pools are an essential part of AZ life, and the heavy use of commercial pools and pool areas reflects this. Whenever we take on a commercial pool deck project like this we plan ahead in detail, with the goal of creating a durable pool deck surface that can handle the extreme heat and patterns of heavy use.

The Ocotillo Village project specifically included pouring the concrete for the pool deck area, and the creation of a number of splash pad areas, all which required acrylic coating.

Commercial Pool Deck Contractor

From start to finish, our highly skilled and dedicated commercial pool deck team took exquisite care of the property, ensuring minimum disruption to staff and guests. We delivered the highest quality workmanship and a professionalism.

Commercial Pool Deck Maintenance

One of the keys to keeping a high traffic commercial pool deck looking new is regular maintenance. Unique to our commercial projects is an included maintenance agreement. We continue to visit our commercial properties every quarter to deep clean and make minor repairs to our pool decks. This is the key to a long lasting pool deck. We have consistently maintained the Village Health Clubs across the valley with fantastic results that impress their valued customers.

It is a true testament to the members of our team that we have the honor of working with Village Health Club, at their many Arizona locations. To learn more about the commercial pool deck division at Imagine Architectural Concrete, please give us a call or send us an email.