Commercial Project: Phoenix Concrete Patio

Phoenix Concrete PatioOur team recently worked on a really fun project in Phoenix, Arizona. The project was to install a concrete patio and courtyard area for a number of adjoining properties. We love working with concrete, and this was a great opportunity to create a modern, show-stopping, and cohesive look that really represented the unique, modern look of the properties.

Central to the success of the project was considering what treatment or finish we would use for the concrete. Remember, concrete is never just concrete. There are a multitude of concrete finishes that can be used for patios and pool decks including, but not limited to:

  1. Brushed concrete
  2. Patterned concrete
  3. Troweled concrete
  4. Broomed concrete
  5. Swirled concrete
  6. Polished concrete
  7. Colored concrete
  8. Acid etched concrete.

What we decided on for this project is acid etched concrete. Acid etched concrete is a form of decorative concrete. The process removes a layer of the concrete revealing the unique textures and colors beneath. It is a safe process that also seals the concrete, protecting it.

This Phoenix concrete patio is a shared space, connecting adjoining properties. The patio and the courtyard are truly an architectural focal point for the properties. This unique layout and the communal nature of the space provided us a great opportunity to get creative. We were able to utilize the decorative concrete to create a flow that was emphasised by the use of circular spaces. The use of circles really emphasizes that this is a communal shared space. It also adds to the modern look, already created by the use of concrete and the color palette. The addition of the bright front doors and the outdoor furniture, result in a truly modern, welcoming and functional space.

Often the choice for patio or courtyard material is the place to start, and then you can build the creative vision from there. Our team really enjoyed working on this project. If you are thinking about upgrading your patio area or courtyard, please reach out to discuss your design ideas – we would love to help create your vision.