Project Spotlight: The Imagine team deliver’s white glove service

Our team recently worked on a project in North Scottsdale. The project brief was to switch out the old stamped concrete patio with more modern limestone pavers for a really clean look. Our client selected Boulevard Light for their pavers to perfectly compliment the rest of their back yard and their home’s architecture.


The team set to work straight away taking out heavy boulders, and rebuilding the waterfall and fire pit. During this work we uncovered a broken gas line so immediately hired a well trusted sub-contractor to fix this. We also added some much needed drainage.

The addition of drainage was a really important part of this project. Good drainage will ensure that the new patio lasts for many years to come without damage from pooling water after the heavy monsoon and winter rains. The drainage also will help protect the foundations of our client’s home, so well worth the effort.

While all this work was going on, and while the pavers were being laid, each and every member of our team made sure that the home and backyard were kept in great shape and were well protected. From start to finish all of us were committed to keeping the client’s home safe and tidy, so any disruption was really minimized.

In fact, for this project in particular, the home-owners were actually out of state and we were honored that they placed their full trust in the Imagine team to complete the project safely and to the highest of standards. We were delighted to present the completed project to them on their return, everything finished to exceed their expectations, their home beautiful, and their new patio power washed and ready for them to enjoy!

Our goal as a team is always to leave the client’s back yard looking a lot better than when we first arrived! Contact us to learn how you can get the Imagine white glove service.