Project Spotlight: Limestone Pavers in Scottsdale, AZ

Limestone Pavers in Scottsdale, AZWe worked on a remodeling project recently which is too good not to share. The job location was Scottsdale, Arizona, and the primary material for the pool deck and patio was ‘Boulevard Lights’ limestone.

Complete Backyard Remodel
Our team not only worked on the deck and patio, but also created a custom made concrete fire pit and barbeque area. The motivator for the client was the desire to completely makeover their existing backyard. The yard was a typical southwest style, with desert landscape including limited xeriscaping, and a pool.

We Listen to the Client’s Vision
Key to the success of any project like this is taking the time to understand the client’s vision. This project was particularly special as the home owners live in Canada. We were able to meet with them at the beginning of the project and communicated with them frequently throughout the project with updates and to discuss any challenges we encountered.

Expert Team of Landscape Designers
We are really lucky to have a fantastic team of expert designers who visit our clients at the beginning of every project to discuss their needs, goals, and budget. The designer continues to work with out clients throughout the project, keeping connected and facilitating any requested changes or upgrades.

Detailed Design Process
During the design process of this project we worked with the client to pick out the perfect material to really showcase their yard and home. They were looking for something unique and original, with light tones. They were also drawn to the idea of using big pavers to give the illusion of a larger space. We were delighted when they selected limestone pavers as the solution. We love working with limestone and the finished effect is always stunning. Limestone pavers are often the perfect choice for patios, pool decks, walkways, and BBQ areas. They work really well alone or you can mix and match with other stones or concrete to create really unique designs and features.

The Dream Backyard
The project went very smoothly and took around six weeks from start to finish. We were delighted to deliver a big reveal for the client when they returned from Canada. They were welcomed home with a completely remodeled, made over, backyard of their dreams.