Custom Concrete

Custom ConcreteDid you know that concrete is art? With over 18 years of experience creating custom concrete forms and perfect concrete pours for commercial concrete projects and residential concrete projects in Arizona, our concrete specialists are able to work with concrete to create a quality finish.

It is such a versatile, low cost option, and a material that is easily manipulated to create unique and custom concrete that upgrades backyards, BBQ’s, pool decks, and commercial properties. With concrete you really can let your design imagination go wild!

Concrete is Versatile

Concrete is an extremely versatile, durable, and a practical material, making it perfect for a large number of outdoor and backyard projects. At Imagine Architectural Concrete, our team is very experienced at using concrete for both large commercial projects and smaller residential projects, where we work directly with the homeowner and make their vision a reality.

Perfect Surface for Homeowners
Some of the residential projects where we have installed custom concrete include: expanding driveways, creating RV pads, adding walkways, redoing and expanding patios, creating dream BBQ’s, building fire pits, sport courts, and of course, pool decking. Newly poured concrete is the perfect surface for acrylic coatings such as a lace coating, stamped coating, or a combination of both lace & stamped at a great value price point.

Commercial Experience
We also love to work on commercial projects, and often concrete is the perfect material to create the clients’ vision and provide durability for heavy use. Past projects include large hotel resorts, sports complex areas, commercial properties, and city neighborhood parks. When we work with resorts, the project often includes pouring concrete for swimming pool, patio areas, and sidewalks. These are often very high trafficked areas, making concrete the perfect long lasting material.

Modern aesthetic
The bonus of concrete, is that it creates a really classic modern look that complements most styles of architecture. Concrete surface textures such as exposed aggregate, salt finish, and broom finish can add a little texture to a modern outdoor surface.

Quality & Experience
Key to the success of all of our custom concrete projects is experience, expertise, and the very highest quality concrete blends. We work directly with our supplier to create specialty concrete blends to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we trust their premium products to deliver the highest quality end results every time.

Custom Concrete
We can create the perfect custom concrete design aesthetic for your backyard or commercial project. Whether it’s exposed concrete, salt finish concrete, or a broom finish concrete style. Concrete can also be made with different color pigments, creating a unique concrete color to complement your style. Custom poured concrete is a current landscape remodeling trend that is here to stay.

Our team at Imagine Architectural Concrete are custom concrete specialists and have the experience to bring your commercial concrete or residential concrete project to life. Get in touch and we’ll have our concrete experts set up a free consultation today.