How do I fix drainage issues in my backyard?

Drainage may not be something you have really thought about as a home-owner, but you should. Learning that badly designed outdoor landscaping and pool deck areas could be causing permanent damage to your home’s foundation right now without you even realizing it could save you thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights in the future.


You may have already noticed areas in your yard where water pools and takes a long time to drain away, or maybe the pitch of your yard directs water towards your home, or your yard tends to flood during heavy rainfall. Once you realize you have a problem it is important to treat this as serious and work with professionals to solve the issue and minimize any potential damage to your home.

In fact, the importance of effective and efficient drainage on your property cannot be underestimated. At Imagine Architectural Concrete we don’t just install pool decks and create customized outdoor landscapes, we actually take the time and a series of special steps to make sure your backyard drains properly, giving you peace of mind that every time it rains or a storm passes through your foundations are perfectly protected and the potential for damage to your home’s structural integrity is minimized. If you think drainage is an issue in your backyard call for a free evaluation on drainage improvements from one of our experienced team members.

The heavy rains experienced in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale and throughout the valley can easily cause water to pool and it is this pooling that can cause lasting damage to the structural foundations of your home and even lead to flooding within your home. Taking the time to ensure effective drainage systems that channel the water away from your home is essential and something that our team are very experienced in. The cost of fixing damage to foundations can be astronomical. Hiring a company with the right expertise up front is the best way to avoid damage and save money at the same time as getting the pool deck and back yard you’ve always dreamed of!