Travertine Paver Pool Deck

Glendale Pool Deck Remodel

Our team recently worked on remodeling a pool deck in Apache Junction, Arizona. This project, included remodeling an acrylic lace pool deck to create a travertine paver pool deck. The pool deck area was extremely large, for a residential pool deck, surrounding a pool, and stretching across a large area of the client’s backyard, backing up to a gorgeous desert landscape. A small wooden bridge connects the pool deck to a concrete patio adjoining the home.

This pool deck is a real focal feature of this backyard. The sheer size of the footprint of this pool deck provides lots of opportunities to create entertaining spaces for eating and socializing and enjoying the desert view.

Remodeling a pool deck is an excellent choice when:

  • Your current pool deck is badly damaged, and beyond easy repair.
  • You are looking to upgrade the look and functionality of your pool deck.
  • You would like to add value and style to your home.

There are many benefits to remodeling your pool deck:

  • A remodeled pool deck will look brand new.
  • A remodeled deck is built to last, durable, and functional.
  • An opportunity to change up the look of your backyard with a completely new surface, such as natural stone pavers, or a new finish like brushed concrete.
  • Add value and comfort to your home.
  • Your pool becomes much more usable, and the deck is safe, with no cracks or uneven surfaces.

The process of remodeling a pool deck is different every time. A key part of the process though is always to determine the current state of the pool deck:

  • How much damage is there to the current pool deck?
  • Does the pool deck require repair before remodeling?
  • Is the current pool deck level?
  • Are there any existing drainage issues?

Once the questions above have been answered and addressed, then the pool deck is ready to be remodeled.

For this project, our clients selected natural travertine pavers for the new look. Looking at the end result, it is easy to see that they made an excellent choice. Each unique paver, in warm tones and hues, perfectly compliments their adobe style home and the backdrop of the Arizona desert. The pavers look luxurious and create a real show stopping feature in their backyard.  From a more practical standpoint, travertine pavers are an excellent choice for a pool deck. Naturally porous, the stone pavers prevent slipping, and are long lasting and durable. We really enjoyed working on this project and our team is proud of the end result. If you are considering a pool deck remodel give us a call to talk about the options open to you.