Project Spotlight: Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Outdoor BBQ KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of every home and adding another kitchen area in your backyard is the perfect way to create more socializing space for you and your family. Space to spend quality time, to entertain, cook, dine, and create lifelong memories.

Modern outdoor kitchen areas can be customized to create the perfect space for socializing with family and friends while you prepare delicious food. The area can include space to gather
together, an outdoor BBQ, and even an island. Other additions could include an outdoor bar, seating area, concrete countertops, and all kinds of fixtures and fittings to add comfort and

Of course, your outdoor kitchen needs to be a lot more durable than your indoor one. Professional design and installation is the key to ensuring that the kitchen and outdoor barbeque area is built to last, and for performance. Concrete is the perfect material for creating a long lasting durable countertop and a really stylish modern look that complements any architecture and the design of any home.

The addition of an outdoor BBQ kitchen and outdoor entertaining area is a positive step towards upgrading your backyard, and adding instant value to your home.

When you work with the Imagine Architectural Concrete’s design team, you can fully customize your outdoor BBQ area with your choice of layout to fit your needs and the existing design of
your backyard. The design can include all the necessary storage, countertop and entertaining requirements including the addition of a barbeque stove top, oven, fridge and even a concrete countertop bar area.

Concrete countertops will complement any existing pool deck or patio area, and our team can create a precise concrete pour so you have a perfect, quality, and professional finish for your brand new outdoor entertainment and dining area.

Contact our team of outdoor living space experts to plan your new outdoor kitchen and BBQ.